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*1,500 page edits!
*1,500 page edits!
*[[Pistols For Pandas]]
*[[Pistols For Pandas]]
*[[Strong Bad's Rocket]]
*[[Drive-Thru Whale]]
*[[Drive-Thru Whale]]
*[[Europa-pean Lobster]]
*[[Europa-pean Lobster]]
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*I added a few userboxes
*I added a few userboxes
*Email spin-offs including [[monument]], [[dullard]], [[no loafing]] and [[lures & jigs]]
*Email spin-offs including [[monument]], [[dullard]], [[no loafing]] and [[lures & jigs]]
*[[Strong Bad's Rocket]]
*<s>Burninating</s> Got merged into [[Trogdor]]
*<s>Burninating</s> Got merged into [[Trogdor]]
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*'''I gots a cellphone!'''
*'''I gots a cellphone!'''
*I'm starting a wiki for baseball. If you are really good at designing wiki's and you are 15 and under, I could use some help.
*I'm starting a wiki for baseball. If you are really good at designing wiki's and you are 15 and under, I could use some help.
*From now on I'm in middle school. I'm graduating today.
==Strong Bad Allegiance==
==Strong Bad Allegiance==

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Oh MY Crap! 3000 VISITORS!!!! WOW!!
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Sam the Man's Userboxes!
Kanjiro's POTW

This Week's Featured Article

"And who's this weirdo in the duckie shirt?"

From time to time, Homestar Runner wears a shirt with a duck on it. In flashback, Strong Bad fabricates a history of his first meeting with Homestar Runner (based on the Original Book). In this illustrated story, the duck shirt's exhibition gives rise to several duck-related nicknames for Homestar. In an Easter egg, Homestar dons the shirt from the book to wish Strong Bad a "happy hundredth birthday".In the DVD commentary for flashback, The Brothers Chaps reveal that the email was originally going to place even more of a focus on Homestar's duckie shirt (which was going to be green, according to Making of Email 100). In the preliminary version, Strong Bad was the original owner of Homestar's star shirt. Marzipan, who did not approve of Homestar's duckie shirt, was to give him the same star shirt as Strong Bad, causing Strong Bad to rip off his shirt in frustration. This was to explain why Strong Bad almost never wears a shirt. The duckie shirt has made a couple of other notable appearances. In Main Page 20 (which is based on flashback), Homestar shows off the duckie shirt's ability to quack. In your funeral, Strong Bad imagines a fat man wearing a duckie shirt who attends his funeral. For a while, there was even a real-life duckie shirt for sale in the Flash Store. In the email the paper, Lil' Strong Bad is seen wearing a variation of the Duckie Shirt. It has a red duck with horns and fangs that make it appear to be the devil.


"Strong Bad's love Sam the Man."

Weclome or welcome to my web page. Feel free to talk talk to me. I was born on 12/12 and am a dang proud American! Well anyways, I watched my first Homestar Cartoon on the date narrator came out. I also upgraded to Mozilla Fox. And on March 7, 22:55, I became a member of Homestar Runner Wiki. On May 7 2007 I will celebrate my 2nd month on this wiki. I am also friends with a high school person who does animal photography. His name is Alex Kumar. If you want to buy a picture of his or check out his website, check This Out.

These are just some of my favorite web sites.

  • Gamewinners. Need cheats for all games? This is the site for you!

People I know in real life


How I discovered Homestar Runner

Late December 2005 my friend (Hyperactive090) and a girl in my class was bugging me to go to Homestar They were telling me about Teen Girl Squad. Finally on February 6 2006 (The same date narrator came out) I visited the site. I saw the Main Page and I was like "What the heck is this!?" I saw Teen Girl Squad Issue #1 and was hooked quickly. The next day I decided to see a toon called Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. It wasn't that great. I also saw the first Strong Bad Email I ever saw, space program. It was so boring to me. But I also checked out narrator. It made me laugh a little bit. But next week I checked out pop-up and laughed so hard! Now my friend doesn't go very often anymore but I do!

How I discovered The Wiki

I was searching on Google for Strong Bad in sometime in June or May and found a link to Homestar Runner Wiki about Strong Bad. I saw that and saw the Main Page. I never became a member until March 7 at 22:55. Before March 7 I was browsing around the Wiki not even knowing that I could become a member. But I saw the Log in/Create Account button and clicked on Create Account and Presto! I became a member.

Major Contributions

My most important pages! They are:

Less Important Contributions

My less important contributions are:

"Which one are you?"

I am.....


Which Homestar Runner character are you?

this quiz was made by jurjyfrort

My recent Strong Bad Email

I don't send email that often, but this he might answer.


Here are my current gaols:

  • Becoming a Sysop
  • Have 10,000 page views
  • Create a new Strong Bad Email page and maybe even transcibe it
  • Have my Strong Bad Email checked. See up top for recent email
  • Have one of my pages that I created have over 20,000 views

And that's it so far.


In memory of those who died at Virginia Tech
  • Watch out for edits by He's after me since I told Sysops that he should be blocked.
  • I gots a cellphone!
  • I'm starting a wiki for baseball. If you are really good at designing wiki's and you are 15 and under, I could use some help.
  • From now on I'm in middle school. I'm graduating today.

Strong Bad Allegiance

For thoose of you who likes Strong Bad and his computers, you should join the Strong Bad Allegiance. It is a group that I made up. People who are 10-19 can join this group. If you would like to join, please leave me a messege under my Talk Page in the Strong Bad Allegiance. Futere plans will be discused.

"Calling all Strong Bad Fans to join between the age of 10-19!"

This is the box.


We are......

User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man

Brightstar Shiner

SamSF%20sig.jpgFisher (Come in, Lambert.)

Drippingyellowmadness CoolS.png talk



Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing!

Dr. Clash



Homestarmy Commando1


Hall of Fame!

This are people who are cool!

Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing! For letting me join T(w)een Guy Squad and for welcoming me to the wiki and joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

Brightstar Shiner For joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

phlip TC For helping me out!

TheYellowDart(t/c) For creating tons of pages and for joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

DeFender1031 For wanting to be my friend.

SamSF%20sig.jpgFisher (Come in, Lambert.) For joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

Drippingyellowmadness CoolS.png talk For joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

WeirdAl For joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

It's dot com For being a nice person.

Dr. Clash For giving me... (drumroll) THE IRON CUP OF BRUNSWICK STEW and joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

Trey56 For being a good friend and for being awesome.

~16_BIT_MARIO1 For joining the Strong Bad Allegiance.

Hyperactive090--(T) I know him in real life and he's my friend!

Zerlock1124 Gave me his Runscape account!

Jangles5150 A cool, cool guy who thanked me for helping him and for joining the Strong Bad Allegiance!

Homestarmy Commando1 For joining the SBA.

DorianGray He's a cool sysop who let me borrow or copy his quote of the week thing.

Kowala For joining the SBA.

TheThin For being a cool, cool guy and his userpage rocks.

Cool Logo

I owe Stu for this one. And all the other people who created this logo.



Uploaded Images

This are my Uploaded Images.

Uncool People (Hall of Unfame)

Mostly people who vandal are on this list.

  • Willy on Wheels: Why don't you use your wheels and find another wiki to vandal.
  • NSMC Vandal: Maybe if you shut up they won't steel your cow.
  • Dr.Who?: Nobody cares who you are.
  • Viklas: If he can stop being a vandal, I'll change my mind.
  • Anybody who uses the N word or swears.

Favorite Characters

Yeah, everybody has these. These are all Main Characters.

  • 1:Strong Bad
  • 2:Pom Pom
  • 3:The Cheat
  • 4:Homestar
  • 5:Bubs
  • 6:Coach Z
  • 7:Strong Sad
  • 8:Strong Mad
  • 9:Marzipan
  • 10:The Poopsmith (I'm like one the only ones who's least favorite character isn't him)
  • 11:The King of Town
  • Last:Homsar

Now before you start throwing wine bottles at your computer screen, I have a reason for Homsar being last. When I first started watching this website Homsar just to give me the creeps. That's all.

An Egg

It was given by Eguy. File:Eguy egg.gif

Most Valuable User

An award given to users who contribute and show hard award. It's like the M.V.P.


Note: When you win, please copy this userbox on your page.


The End

Thank-you all for visiting this userpage. Remember, there always openings for the Strong Bad Allegiance. Happy Huntings For Pages and All a Farewell. User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man

> Click here to e-mail Sam the Man

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