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Welcome to my userpage! I'm Viklas! Feel free to look around or leave comments on my talk page! Okay bye!

  • Note: My big brother helped me creat this talk page.

I'm leaving forever. When you least expect it....i'll be back! {evil laughter}


[edit] Favorites

Favorite Characters: Pom Pom, The Cheat, and Strong Sad.
Favorite Games:

Favorite Quotes:
Strong Bad: Hey, keep your greasy fingers off that! -from Homestar Quiz
Bubs: Grabbin' your butt? That's not very ladylike. -from 1 step ahead
Coach Z: It's DAZZLE-MAZING! -from Happy Fireworks
Homestar: Hey guys! What'cha teekenbot? -from Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Bubs: Well I'm going to be 2+2! -from part-time job
Bubs: Crabadonk! -from the chair
Homestar: I need to find a freakin' present for Strong Bad! -from The Best Decemberween Ever
Strong Sad: Freakin' sellout. -from geddup noise
Strong Bad: You know what we say, The Cheat, act smart, and vacuum...dirt. -from other days
Bubs: You shut your face! -from Welcome Back
Strong Bad: Agh! Cah-rap! -from Welcome Back
Bubs: Come get our Wireless Extension Cords! 3 for 300! -from technology(easter egg)
Puppet Homestar: I had to repeat the fourth grade! -from Real-Live Emails
Strong Bad: Hey, you gimmie this! -from Marshmallow's Last Stand
Strong Bad: Oh! I'm so bored! -from Strong Bad's Message Bored
Strong Bad: Aagh! This game sucks. -from redesign
Strong Bad: Ugh! Holy Crap! I thought I smelled bacon! -from Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Homestar: Only YOU can prevent scouting! Boy, do WE need forest fires! -from Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

[edit] About Sega

Yeah, I like Sega. I have SO many Sega Tapes for the Sega Genisis. My favorite game for it is....Kid Chameleon. I'm not much of a Nintendo fan though.

[edit] The Kid Chameleon

Have you gone on YouTube to see these amazing Kid Chameleon videos? So to tell all of y'all the truth, you might've not heard of this game. But, oh man, it is THE most popular game people have ever played back in '92. 14 years later, I have this game. Over 100 levels to amaze the true game master of the world. For instance, starting with the "Blue Lake Woods" to the "Final Stage". If you really want to have a resemblence to THAT game, go on Fanstuff to make your own Homestar-related version.

[edit] Adlt Swm

Who could forget this funny program every night on CN? Featuring: Family Guy, Futurama, Smoking Gun, ATH, FLCL, Robot Chicken, you know? They also creat some parodies on some rated 14 or MA TV shows. Post (even TheYellowDart(t/c)) here. P.S: Which is your favorite? Futurama or Family Guy? Post them here. Bite my shiny, metal, a**!

[edit] First Time Here

The first time I saw was when my big brother (known as Cool Tapes.exe) came home from camp. He talked all about it. When we got home, he showed me the website. I immediatly liked it. Before I knew it, everyfreakinbody is looking at And...that's my story.

This pic is creepy.
I swear, that thing is cool.

[edit] How I Got My Username

To tell you the truth, I got this name off of the Strong Bad Email little questions. If you have not seen that email, please go to the Strong Bad Email in the Compy Era. It is email No.43, got it?

[edit] Cool Users Page

[edit] Some Quotes I Created

(*Strong Bad: You'll never see what happens in this user page!)                     -from Quote of The Week Exclusive
(*Strong Sad: He is from Dangeresque 1 & 2!)                                        -from the movies
(*Homestar: Oh my crap! Bubs turns us all into little, tiny, bugs!)                 -from unnatural (cut out)

[edit] Filenames That Probably Are Resembling To

Dragon Con Mega Man Ristar Animal Planet Resident Evil n00b MTV Pikachu Spongebob Squarepants Metallica

[edit] ASCII Animation

             456564 \/\/\/\/
             JJJJ                                    This is a snake. 22 pts.!!

               /   \
              /  *  \
             /  *  * \
            -----------                              This is a wizard's hat. 15 pts.!!

       |      | WWWWWWWWWW
       |      | WWWWWWWWWW
       |      | WWWWWWWWWW
       |      |-------WWWW
       ---------------WWWW                           This is a snail. 34 pts.!!

              / \
         ----/   \----
         \           /
          \  /^\    /
          / /   \   \                              This is a star. 28 pts.!!
         /-/     \--\

            iiiiiiiii                            This is a column. 42 pts.!!

[edit] END

That's my user page. If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask them on my talk page.

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