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I'm a smell!

I don't know what you were thinking when you clicked that link, but I might as well satisfy your curiosity.

Hey, I'm Marty. I'm a five-year wiki veteran who drifts in and out of activity. I am notorious for lurking around on the websites above.

I used to have this really cool main-page-looking thing here but then I became more of a minimalist.

I tend to gnome around sometimes, and occasionally, when I happen to stay up late on a Sunday, I'll help with new 'toon articles wonder what happened to the good times.

I have made over 2000 edits to this fine wiki, with about 500 of those being on one of the 3,277 articles we are working on, and another 350 of them being on their talk pages.

My biggest contributions have been a few subtitle write-ups here and there, as well as four or five transcripts. I also was the main force behind Category:Tablature, and have tabbed three H*R-related songs. My goal is to have all the songs off of Strong Bad Sings tabbed by my fourth wikiversary sometime.

[edit] Things I'm proud of

  • -èd — I created this page, but many other people made it was it is today. It's listed on the featured article nominations page.
  • Answering Machine — I was inspired by discussion on the featured article selection page to flesh this article out a bit more, and it slowly became something I'm rather proud of.
  • This talk page entry — It's mostly just because I really like the formatting, but I also thought I did an accurate job of stating the issues with that page.
  • My old usepage — It was actually a great userpage. It was aesthetically pleasing, and featured various examples of my decent knowledge of MediaWiki coding.
  • My signature — It's versatile, short, links to everything important, and features a little Mario that I'm able to use in several different places (meaning I'm probably breaking some personal image rule, but whatever).
[10:20] <NotDennis> Hello!
[10:20] * NotDennis ( Quit ( Client Quit )
[10:22] <DeFender1031> it's not dennis!
[10:22] <DeFender1031> then who is it?
[10:22] <DeFender1031> i don't know! but it's not dennis.
[10:23] <DeFender1031> and now it's not even here.
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