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Who said what now?

Who Said What Now? is a Homestar Runner toy made by Kidelectrix. Each of the main characters has a colorful button with their picture on it; when pressed, they say humorous quotes.

This game can be found on the Handheld Games Menu.

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{From left to right, top row first}
  • The Strong Sad says, "Each day we die a little more."
  • The King of Town says, "More butter please."
  • The Strong Bad says, {singing} "Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Crap! {cowbell}"
  • The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence.
  • The Strong Mad says, "Rrrraaaawww!"
  • The Marzipan says, "I'm the only girl."
  • The Bubs says, "Everybody wants to shake it!"
  • The Homestar says, "Now spell encyclopedia.... What? I'm supposed to what?! {embarrassed} Oh, man... I blew it real bad this time."
  • The Cheat says, {The Cheat noises; same tune as the Intro}
  • The Pom Pom says, {bubbling noises}
  • The Coach Z says, "I have more than two prablems."
  • The Homsar says, "AaAaAh, my cheese is 50 cent!"

Fun Facts


  • Due to the stylistic art, there are several alterations to the standard character designs. For example, neither Homestar Runner nor Homsar has a mouth, Strong Mad's singlet is missing its M, and Pom Pom has an extra stripe around his middle.
  • Homsar's entry has a different sound quality than the others.
  • This is the first mention of The Poopsmith's vow of silence.

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