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"We got all types of crazy crap."

The Flash Store was a Flash-based catalog on homestarrunner.com where visitors could browse Homestar Runner merchandise. Actual purchases were handled through a Yahoo! storefront, which contained extended information about the merchandise.

In 2005, the storefront moved to a separate Yahoo platform. The "store" links of the site now direct users to the Shopify, Teespring, and Fangamer storefronts.

Page Title: Homestore Runner!


[edit] Products

[edit] Clothing

[edit] T-Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description (Yahoo) Back
Homestar Classic Homestar Runner in his "Classic" pose! This shirt has been a favorite with fans from the very beginning!! That's what makes it a Classic!! www.homestarrunner.com
Image:Star T-Shirt.PNG Star Shirt You can wear a Star, just like Homestar Runner!! This is a Big Red Shirt, with a Big White Star!! Get yours today!!
File:Homestar Running T-Shirt Close.PNG Homestar Running This shirt features the running image of Homestar displaying the athletic talent that has made him famous! What? Seriously!! It's America's pastime!.
Strong Bad Mask A black T-shirt with Strong Bad's mug!! What could be sweeter? Get yours today!!
Image:Strong Bad Zone T-Shirt.PNG Strong Bad Zone A great new Strong Bad Shirt, inspired by Strong Bad E-mail #94 and the video game "Strong Bad Zone". Further made famous by Homestar Home Page #21! "StrongBadZone" logo
Image:Strong Bad T-Shirt.PNG Strong Bad Full Body Here's a great charcoal shirt, with a full color, full body image of the irrepressible Strong Bad, in all his glory!! Get yours today!! www.homestarrunner.com
Image:Stinkoman T-Shirt.PNG Stinko Man Blue Ringer Shirt If you’re up for a challenge or maybe some light fighting, then you need this shirt featuring Stinko Man in his famous “double deuce” pose. This shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a blue neck and cuffs to match Stinko Man’s blue hair. {blank}
Image:Trogdor! Black T-Shirt.PNG Trogdor, The Burninator Now you can be the proud owner of an awesome Trogdor Shirt, in Basic Black.
File:Trogdor! White T-Shirt.PNG Trogdor Lite With Majesty You asked for it and now it’s here…a white shirt featuring Trogdor the Burninator in all of his majesty!
Image:The Cheat T-Shirt Red.PNG The Cheat A colorful new shirt from the Exclusive Homestar Runner Collection! This quality 100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt features The Cheat in all his glory, on a brilliant red shirt!!!! www.homestarrunner.com
Image:homsar-shirt.png Homsar Now, Homsar has a shirt of his own! This great new shirt, in colorful True Royal Blue, features the irrepressible Homsar on the front. His famous tagline, "Raised by a Cup of Coffee" is shown on the back, with an image of a steaming cup of coffee! What more could you want?? Raised by a cup of coffee
Image:Teen Girl Squad T-Shirt.PNG Teen Girl Squad They're all here...Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face and The Ugly One. Choose from several different girly shirt styles: spaghetti strap, baby doll with black cap sleeves and plain white baby doll. Also available in regular t-shirts and long sleeve shirts for the guys. {blank}
Pom Pom He's Big and Orange, and so is this great shirt, with Pom Pom's image floating across the front!!! You're sure to love it!! Get yours today!!
Strong Sad This beautiful garment is designed to go with any ensemble! Black is Basic!! And gray is slightly more depressing!! So get yours today!!
Image:Duckie T-Shirt.PNG Duck Shirt
Image:Cheat Commandos T-Shirt.PNG Cheat Commandos Now you can have your very own Cheat Commandos shirt featuring the awesome images of Reynold, Fightgar, Gunhaver, Firebert and Silent Rip - all on a cool navy blue 100% cotton preshrunk tee shirt. The Cheat Commandos slogan "Rock, Rock On!! is printed on the back of the shirt! "ROCK, ROCK ON!"

[edit] Hoodies

Shirt Close-up Name
Image:The Cheat Hoodie.PNG The Cheat Hoodie
Image:Strong Bad hoodie.PNG Strong Bad Hooded Sweatshirt
Image:Homestar hoodie.PNG Homestar Runner Hooded Sweatshirt
Image:Trogdor hoodie.PNG Trogdor Hooded Sweatshirt

[edit] Accessories

[edit] Hats

2 styles!!!
2 designs!!!
Now you can choose from a variety of hats to warm your head. We've got high-quality, wool blend baseball caps in sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large plus stretchy "one size fits all" knit caps. Choose black with Strong Bad's mask or navy featuring Homestar's grinning face.
Hat Name Description (Yahoo)
Image:Homestarhat.PNG Homestar Baseball Cap
Image:Sbhat.PNG Strong Bad Baseball Cap
Homestar Beanie Cap Now you can have a warm heavy knit navy blue beanie cap embroidered with Homestar Runner's smiling face!!! This stretchable knit garment will fit all heads!!
Strong Bad Beanie Cap This Head-to-Toe brand knit cap features Strong Bad's colorful mask embroidered on the "fold up" part of the hat.

[edit] Bags

Messenger bags Description (Flash) Description (Yahoo)
Image:Messenger bags.PNG Carry books or other book-sized things!! These durable polyester bags come with a 2-inch adjustable shoulder strap and one front adjustable clasp closure. There's a roomy main compartment, plus a zippered compartment where you can stuff lots of Fluffy Puffs for "secret eating"!!!

[edit] Toys

Toy Name Description (Yahoo)
Warning! Choking HazardHomestar Runner Figurines Series #1They’re cute, they’re colorful, they’re three dimensional!!!! This set of nine popular characters includes Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, The Cheat, Pom-Pom, Bubs, and Coach Z*. Sizes range from one inch (The Cheat) to approximately three inches high (Pom-Pom). Figures are non-posable and are made of PVC.
Homestar Runner Figurines Series #2 Now, at long last, you can have ALL of the Homestar Characters!! This Series # 2 collection includes The Poopsmith, Homsar and The King of Town as well as Homestar (Running) and Strong Bad (Megaphone and BucketHand).

No collection of Homestar Stuff would be complete without this magnificent Set!!

You, too, can join in the fastest-growing sport in Strongbadia - Kick The Cheat!!!!Kick The Cheat Frustrated? Tired of being picked on by The Man but can't do anything about it? Take out your frustrations and KICK THE CHEAT!!!

This soft, huggable plush image of The Cheat is 11" high, 13" wide and 30" around. He's equipped with a voice box, so whenever he's kicked or struck, he screams four different exclamations in his native language of The Cheat.

(Note: We are not responsible if you Kick The Cheat and Strong Mad comes around and busts your kneecaps)

[edit] CDs/DVDs

CD/DVD Name Description (Flash) Description (Yahoo)
Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits 20 tracks! 8 page booklet! Limozeen sticker! What more do they want?? Some stuff you may have heard, some stuff you haven't!! Recorded from May-August 2003 with the help of the boys in Y‑O‑U. Go check them out at www.pleaserock.com. This CD features extended versions of your favorite Strong Bad hits such as “TROGDOR,” “The System is Down” and “The Cheat is Not Dead” PLUS a few of Strong Bad’s own personal favorites by heavy metal icons Limozeen and Taranchula. Strong Bad even let Marzipan contribute her own brand of hippie folk rock and Coach Z makes an appearance breakin’ it down old school. Each CD cover is adorned with Strong Bad’s own original artwork and a free Limozeen sticker is included with the liner notes. You might expect to pay $193.75 for this rare collection, but it’s all yours for one easy installment of $12, plus shipping and handling.
  • The first hundred emails on three discs
  • All Easter eggs and hidden stuff intact plus some new stuff you've never seen!
  • Over 1 hour of bonus stuff including
    • 3 unreleased emails
    • 2 music videos
    • 4 karaoke videos
    • behind the scenes stuff
    • puppet stuff
  • 40+ hidden character/creator commentaries
  • Region FREE!
  • A handsome boxed set containing three full DVD's featuring the first one hundred Strong Bad e-mails, with all of the hidden scenes and other easter eggs intact!!
  • Special features include three previously unreleased Strong Bad E-Mails!
  • Also, hidden character and creator commentary!! Have fun trying to find 'em!!
  • Four Karaoke Videos!!
  • Over an hour of never-before-seen puppet stuff, behind the scenes action and other hilarious antics!!
  • Region FREE so it'll play in DVD players all over the world!

[edit] Stickers

Proclaim Homestar and the gang all over your home, auto and other valued possessions by decorating with these colorful, durable Stickers!! We've got static cling stickers featuring Homestar, Strong Bad, The Cheat and Trogdor. We've also got bumper stickers so that you can display Homestar, Strong Bad, Trogdor and The Teen Girl Squad on your car. (Warning: Affixing these stickers to your car may result in other Homestar fans striking up conversations with you while stuck in traffic or stopped at stoplights).
Sticker Name Description (Flash) Description (Yahoo)
Variety PackStatic Cling Variety PackGreat for car windows!This here is a variety Pack of Static Cling Stickers featuring one each of...Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, The Cheat and Trogdor!! These durable images, designed to be displayed on the inside of windows, are printed on clear vinyl and are easily removable.
Variety PackBumper Sticker Variety PackThey stick to bumpers!Now you can have a Variety Pack of Bumper Stickers featuring one (1) each of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Trogdor the Burninator and the Teen Girl Squad!!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

Unused, hidden stickers
  • Several things available in the Flash Store are not available in the redesigned store, particularly the strongbad_email.exe DVD Promo and various T-shirts.
  • When up, clicking "Back" always linked to Main Page 5.
  • From left to right, the T-shirts play the notes A, B, C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, C, C#, D, E, F, G#, and A#.
    • For a time, playing the T-shirts in the order of A, B, A, B, A, A, B, D would have shown a preview of the series two figurines. This tune is a version of the background music in action figure transposed from C to A.
  • If a visitor's computer happens to not be able to handle redirects (such as when JavaScript is disabled) or if it's searched for on Google, the title of the Flash Store's old page will be "Old Flash Store Page R.I.P."
  • The Stinkoman T-shirt is the only one that is $17; all the others are $15.
  • Six unused stickers are hidden in the Flash file and only visible by decompiling. Three of these stickers are seen stuck to the mailbox in the Email menu.

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