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Cheerleader is the de facto leader of the Teen Girl Squad. She may be seen as a critique of the popular teenage girl; hence, she obsesses about her appearance (specifically fashion) and focuses her energy on dating older or more popular boys. She leads the Teen Girl Squad with her shrill, domineering manner. While the other members of the squad usually follow her without question, they consider her leadership oppressive. After her demise shortly into Teen Girl Squad Issue 9, the rest of the squad was overjoyed and cheered, "We're free! The tyranny is over!", as they were then able to follow their own pursuits. Cheerleader's trademark is her dress, which sports a different saying in every episode. Most sayings indicate either her puerile nature ("li'l brat"), vanity ("2 cute"), or her ongoing search for boys ("boy monger"). She also has blonde hair, which she always wears in pigtails. (more...)

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