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Kanjiro's POTW


[edit] about me

I'm new at this so please don't make fun of me. I'm not going to tell you much about me because of the things that can happen if I do but, I will tell you this, I'm a boy, duh. I'm robotbutters' big brother. To see what I look in WoW see below.Oh, and my birthday is on july 28th.

this is me

[edit] likes

  • video games (mostly by nintendo)
  • baseball (GO TRIBE!)
  • Female swimsuit models
  • homestar runner
  • legos
  • fishing
  • reading
  • science
  • comedies
  • my dog, muffin
  • my albino asian water frogs, ghost; and politoad
  • the number 728
  • bubble gum
  • the star wars trilogy
  • WoW (World of warcraft)
  • pokemon

[edit] dislikes

  • sour milk
  • sad endings to movies and books
  • math
  • the ending to "Pay It Forward"
  • bad grammer in writing (I still use ain't and gotta when speaking)
  • old or fat people in swim suits
  • vomit
  • wasps
  • disection
  • guilt
  • mega blocks
  • missing pieces
  • the canceling of my favoriite shows
  • a.b.c. (Already Been Chewed) gum
  • the names, Ima, youra, and Ida
  • pizza
  • YO MOMMA! (oooooooooh, buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrn)
  • being burned, owned, pwned, or served
  • The PS3

[edit] contributions

  • I fix grammer and mispellings.
  • I made an article which told of all the female characters but it was moved to a different article.
  • I've beaten at least half of the text adventures but didn't sign the winner's pages.
  • I made this page.
  • I've been cool.

[edit] the nest

I thought it would be fun to have a little pet thing on my

page. the egg is now an award i give out for kindness.To see the egg and the hatchlings, see below. I know the link is broken, but I'll keep it there until they regard it a a legit reward.
third place.
2nd place
first place
grand prize

[edit] My Awards

Kanjiro's POTW

[edit] my sig


By Numa Numa.

[edit] The bigfoot of HRwiki

I SWEAR I saw the hrwiki logo blink!You don't believe me? stare at the logo for a few minutes.

[edit] my trainer card

d66aef909f5cd094ab39146a139c14ed.png btw, I'm not emo. I just think Psychic powers are cool. oh, and that tentacruel is supposed to be shiny

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