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Dripping Yellow Shades!

Which Homestar Runner character are you?

Yep, I am a coach Z although I don't reailly harve a prerblem with my spearch. OK, in all honesty I don't have a problem with my speach, but the description kind of desribes me. Ever since I started checking out the sbemails, I was crazed with going on the site. I wait with much exitement for every update and am an avid fan. the hrwiki rules and is a great idea. See ya!

Drippingyellowmadness Cool_Shades. talk


Links to important people: User:Theyellowdart My favorite moments of sbemails Page: "X, I Mean X, I Mean X" (work in progress)

Reasons for my userboxes:

I searched Easter Eggs sbemail, and what do you know, I got the hrwiki.

STUFF = power to the people!

Windows is 2 and 1/2 times better than Mac!!!!!!

Da da doo da, da da doo da, da da doo da die! and the KOT's mariochi band were one of the few times that I went ROFL because of the site.(I have LOL many times but it takes something really funny to get anyone to ROFL.) Some of the others were "You just missed unmasking the thiggaman! Because you have really bad hand-eye coordination!," every pro positive life tool, FWD and RE and the whole of Strong Bad's rock opera.

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