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This article is about the word-related running gag. For the toon, see Loading Screens.

In many toons and games, the loading screen has something on other than the standard "Loading...". Many of these have some relevance to the toon/game they appear in.

[edit] List

[edit] Load

In addition to the typical "Loading...", some loading screens (especially in recent toons) will simply read "Load". Below is a list of these loading screens.

Toon/Game Loading Screen Relevance to toon/game Picture
The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar load The word appears on an egg, which is the first item Puppet Homestar Runner adds to his pile.
Best Caper Ever LOAD None
Career Day L.O.A.D. The toon takes place at L.U.R.N.
Characters from Yonder Website load None
A Decemberween Mackerel LOAD Marzipan and Homestar Runner give Senor Cardgage a casserole dish full of green bean sprouts in the toon.
Fish Eye Lens LOAD The toon starts with Strong Bad asleep on the couch.
Halloween Hijinks LOAD The letters are written as constellations in the night sky, where the toon begins.
Haunted Photo Booth LOAD The word comes out of the photo slot of the Photo Boooth.
The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods‎ load The toon features eyeballs in a bathtub.
The House That Gave Sucky Tricks LOAD The toon begins by showing a tennis racket leaning against a bookshelf with a wig, googly eyes, and a post-it note with fangs drawn on it.
I Killed Pom Pom Load The toon starts with an inflatable pumpkin attached to the wall outside.
Loading Screens load The toon shows nearly every loading screen on the website.
Place Ya Bets! L O A D The loading screen is in the style of the Deleteheads' hats.
Record Store Day Load "Load" is spray painted onto the closed front of Bubs' Concession Stand.
Somber Vacation LOAD Strong Sad shows a slideshow of his vacation at the beach.
Squintmojis LOAD The toon is related to emojis, which are commonly used in texts.
Toikey TV LOAD None
Trudgemank LOAD There is meat in the music video.
Which Ween Costumes? LOAD The pumpkin wearing a Santaman hat references the fact that there was no Halloween cartoon, so this Decemberween cartoon was made to compensate for that fact.

[edit] Others

Toon/Game Loading Screen Relevance to toon/game Picture
50K Racewalker loada... None
April Fool 2014 {No loading text} Homestar Runner standing in a dimly lit Index Page is looped until toon is finished loading, in lieu of a loading screen. The toon begins here, with the background peeling.
The Cheatar COMIN' UP... The font is reminiscent of the logo of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 2 RELOADING... This is part 2 of a 2-part Cheat Commandos episode.
Crystal Fortress loading it None
Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque Loading from Drive 8
Insert Disk 5
Refers to numbered floppy disks used by older computer games, which this game is styled after.
Doomy Tales of the Macabre loadink The word appears on Strong Sad's inkwell.
Eggs legging... The toon is about eggs.
Ever and More loading, friend. This is likely a reference to the fact that the toon parodies various brotherhoods and fraternities. The loading screen seems to be a parody of fraternal greetings.
Experimental Film comin' up None
Flash is Dead! This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated. Activate Flash. The short is about the supposed discontinuation of Flash due to security issues. The Flash blocked pop-up image loops for 15 frames until it is finished loading.
Hallrunner LOADALING... None
Happy Fireworks loafing... What Coach Z and Bubs are doing at the start of the toon.
Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold {No loading text} The star is present at the start of the toon.
Homestarloween Party loading the Halloween deal... It's a Halloween toon. PAY PLUS! The Email Show sample loading free pay sample... A free sample of the PAY PLUS content.
Hremail 49 {no loading text} This hremail is about a pillow fight.
Jibblies 2 the LOADING Written on and in the style of a tarot card, seen during Pom Pom and Strong Sad's scene.
Kick The Cheat loadin... None
Kid Speedy WIDE LOADING The main character of the game is a "little fatso".
Make-O Your Own Stinko FIND THE LOADBEARER... Strong Bad had played a game called "Find the Load Bearer" in the email preceding the one this is from.
Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up lourding... None, but it may refer to the Heavy Lourde.
More Fan Costumes loadems... None
Most in the Graveyard R.I.P. LOADING A reference to the other gravestones in the toon itself, referring to "Loading" as a person.
No Hands On Deck! loadinate May be a reference to Burninate.
Non-Sequitur Champion THE LOAD This is a scene from The Show.
Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer rather loading... The main character is Rather Dashing.
Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer Old Version loading a fairly big deal... The Brothers Chaps made a big deal of this toon, so much that their server crashed by the initial onslaught of viewers.
Peasant's Quest Preview, Snowglobe Voading... It's a preview of a Videlectrix game.
Play Date load it None
Punkin Stencils 2007 LOOOOOADING Simulates a moan, appropriate for Halloween.
Rap Song Loadry The toon begins in a laundromat.
Seasonal Sweaters LOAD IT! None
Stinkoman 20X6 LOAD IT UP... The game uses deliberately poor English throughout.
Stinkomanual LOADING MANUÉL It's an instruction manual, and the spelling displays poor English.
Store Thank You Messages load 'er up... None (but it is similar to "fill 'er up", a phrase used frequently at gas stations).
Strong Bad's Message Bored Hang on... None
Strong Bad's Website LO-DING None
Strong Bad Sings And Now A Word From Our Sponsor... This references the quote that used to be used by TV channels and radios before commercials started.
Superbowl Dealie {No loading screen} None
Trogdor Was A Man SIZE X-LOAD None
Yearbook Character Page Loading the Memories... The page is in a yearbook style.
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