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Would you like to have a Heavy Lourde dropped on top of you?

The Heavy Lourde is an extremely large weight that drops on various characters. The most frequent victim of this weight is Homsar. In French, "lourde" is a feminine adjective meaning "heavy", making the name redundant. "Lourde" might also be a deliberate mispronunciation of "load".

This gag is a reference to countless classic cartoons in which characters were incapacitated by a falling weight or anvil.

The bilingual labeling on the weight may refer to the bilingual labeling of items required in Canada and becoming more prevalent in the United States since the advent of NAFTA. When a bag is over a certain weight, a label is added to the bag saying "Heavy Lourd" on two lines in the same way it appears on the large weight. "Lourd" is the masculine form of "Lourde" and is the correct form to appear on such a tag.

In the FAQ, a similar weight (labeled "1 TON") appears in the activity on the last page. Also, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4, What's Her Face is squashed by a similar weight reading "NO Pounds".

[edit] Appearances

The Heavy Lourde doing what it does best.
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