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Game Category: New Game
play Thy Dungeonman II Peasant's Quest
What could be better?
Description Spraypaint the walls! Trash the halls!
Release date August 2, 2004
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Box Art
Watch out for those bugs and tentacles!
"Sprint down halls as if you were some type of madman. What could be better? Watch out for the bugs or tentacles, though! They can hurt! Ouchy! Fun for several!"Videlectrix

Hallrunner is one of the wide variety of top quality Videlectrix products. Dodge deadly bugs and tentacles while running through the endless dark hall! Make your choice on every obstacle you encounter on your way: FIGHT IT, TALK TO IT or JUMP IT! Your decision will affect your score, so choose wisely! If your score falls below zero, your Hallrunner becomes RED! All rendered in real time using state-of-the-art vector technology!

Page Title: Over 100 Hours of Gameplay!

Date: Monday, August 2, 2004


[edit] Obstacles and Reply List

Every few seconds an Obstacle will appear in the player's path, and the player is given the option to FIGHT, TALK, or JUMP. The player is given no clue as to which obstacle has appeared until after they have made their choice, however, leaving it up to a guessing game. For each obstacle one of the options will grant the player 2 points, one will take away 1 point, and one will leave the player's score unaffected.

This is a list of all the replies the player gets from various objects after FIGHTing, TALKing, or JUMPing them. If the player gets a correct response, the game beeps 2 points are earned. If the player gets it wrong, it beeps once and a point is lost. Otherwise, it won't beep at all and 0 points are earned.

[edit] Outcomes

Object Fight it Talk to it Jump it
Ball It was a ball. You popped it and made some kid cry. (-1) It was a ball. It talks of foreign lands. Intruiging. (+2) It was a ball. You land on it and fall awkwardly. (0)
Bat It was a bat. You throw tin foil at it, screwing up its radar. (+2) It was a bat. SCREE! SQUEE! Ow! Your ears! (-1) It was a bat. It's too high up. You hug a tree. (0)
Cable It was the cable. The cable refuses to fight back. (0) It was the cable. It says your girlfriend cheats on you. (-1) It was the cable. Good. You don't get electrocuted. (+2)
Calendar It was a calendar. You can't. You still end up getting everyone gift cards. (0) It was a calendar. It says you forgot your 6 monthiversary. You're screwed. (-1) It was a calendar. You jump over it. Leap year! (+2)
Chest It was a chest. You beat the crap out of it. Poor chest. (-1) It was a chest. You talked it into opening up. You're rich! (+2) It was a chest. You jumped over it. Phew. Close one. (0)
Coffee It was coffee. It won. Now you'll be up all night. (-1) It was coffee. 'Triple cream, triple sugar. And a cruller.' (+2) It was coffee. You spilled it. Whatever. (0)
Computer It was a computer. You reformat and install Linux. Nice work. (+2) It was a computer. Voice recognition software still sucks. (-1) It was a computer. You land in Darren's cubicle. Guy's a tool. (0)
Cute girl It was a cute girl. Now she is badly bruised. (-1) It was a cute girl. You got her phone number. (+2) It was a cute girl. You jumped over her. Weird. (0)
Darren It was a Darren. You never liked Darren. Good going. (+2) It was a Darren. He called you a 'dumbjob.' Ouch. (-1) It was a Darren. He let you jump over him. Leap frog! (0)
Fear itself It was fear itself. You fight fear with fear. Oh wait, that's fire. (0) It was fear itself. You learn that it's just as scared of you. (+2) It was fear itself. You fall forever then wake up in a bad cliche. (-1)
Franciscan Monk It was a Franciscan Monk. Wimpiest monk ever. High five. (+2) It was a Franciscan Monk. You tell him the one about the horse in the midget bar. He keeps his vow. (0) It was a Franciscan Monk. You catch your foot on his habit, tripping and falling. (-1)
Great It was great. Why fight something so great? (-1) It was great. You talk to it. It's so great. (+2) It was great. You jump over. Eh. Not so great. (0)
Home stereo system It was a home stereo system. You puntcure the subwoofer. Lame. (-1) It was a home stereo system. It totally is talking back to you! (0) It was a home stereo system. You jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down. (+2)
K2 It was K2. You get lightheaded from lack of oxygen and lose both your hands. (-1) It was K2. You guys make fun of sherpas together. Good times. (+2) It was K2. It's a smidge too high. (0)
Love It was love. You can't fight it and you can't hurry it. You just have to wait. (0) It was love. You see a counselor and try to work things out. It doesn't work. (-1) It was love. Now you're talking. (+2)
Meal replacement bar It was a meal replacement bar. You break a tooth trying to bite it to death. (-1) It was a meal replacement bar. You tell it that it is flavorless, and it reaffirms your belief by not replying. (+2) It was a meal replacement bar. Ain't nobody replacing YOUR meal. (0)
Monster It was a monster. He wasn't very strong. You won. (+2) It was a monster. He pulled out a gun and shot you. (-1) It was a monster. He was tall and you ran into his torso. (0)
Mother It was mother. You lose. Now you're on telephone restriction. (-1) It was mother. She calls nintendo, 'intendro.' How embarrassing. (0) It was mother. Yeah! Jumped you, mommy! (+2)
Prisoner It was a prisoner. He kicks your butt from here to the joint. (-1) It was a prisoner. He seems amenable to reason and affirms your faith in rehabilitation. (+2) It was a prisoner. You avoided catching a bad case of incarceration. (0)
Proverb It was a proverb. You knock the proverbial snot out of it. (+2) It was a proverb. It's too highbrow. You get confused. (0) It was a proverb. I said 'proverb' not 'riverb!' Jeez. (-1)
Rabid dog It was a rabid dog. Rabies for you. (-1) It was a rabid dog. 'Quit crappin up my lawn!' (+2) It was a rabid dog. Bites the butt off your pants. Like in cartoons. (0)
Robot Darren It was Robot Darren. Robot Darren has a laser. VOIP! (-1) It was Robot Darren. It calls you a 'syntax error.' Ouch. (0) It was Robot Darren. It was standing on a see-saw. It gets much air. (+2)
Rock It was a rock. Your knuckles are all bloody. (-1) It was a rock. Now you're really bored. (0) It was a rock. You jumped over it. Nice one. (+2)
Scratch ticket It was a scratch ticket. In the process you rub off the silver stuff. Five dollars! (+2) It was a scratch ticket. It makes you feel like a loser. (0) It was a scratch ticket. It could have been a winner. Now you'll never know. (-1)
Shark It was a shark It bites your fists off. Too bad. (-1) It was a shark Quint calls out to you from the depths of the shark's belly with some keen fishing tips. (+2) It was a shark You jump the shark. Just like Homestarrunner.com. (0)
Social injustice It was some social injustice. You feel pretty awesome about yourself. (+2) It was some social injustice. Good conversation but nothing gets done. (0) It was some social injustice. Sure, sure. Pretend like it doesn't exist. (-1)
Stand of pines It was a stand of pines. Not standing anymore, boyiii. (+2) It was a stand of pines. It whispers back. (0) It was a stand of pines. You get caught on the branches and some serious pitch gets all over your hallrunning duds. (-1)
Stump It was a stump. You can't fight the stump any more than you can stop time. (-1) It was a stump. It grows a little. (0) It was a stump. You jumped over it. Good plan. (+2)
Swing-dancing trend It was the swing-dancing trend. You try but peer pressure causes you to take lessons anyway. (-1) It was the swing-dancing trend. It's impervious to reason. (0) It was the swing-dancing trend. It was pretty short so you have no trouble clearing it. (+2)
Train It was a train. You put a penny on the tracks. Doesn't derail. (-1) It was a train. You talk to the hobo in the livestock car. He smells. (0) It was a train. Right through an open boxcar in a TransAm! (+2)

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • After about every 7 obstacles (sometimes sooner, sometimes later), you get a message on the screen:
    • Obstacle #7: It gets awesome after 100,000,000 points, we swear.
    • Obstacle #14: Hallrunner will return in 'Hallrunner 2: Farther Along'
    • Obstacle #21: Watch out for objects!
    • Obstacle #28: Seriously, watch out for objects!
    • Obstacle #35: Shouldn't you be making a flow chart or something productive?
    • Obstacle #42: Your devotion to this game is impressive.
    • Obstacle #49: So, anyway. How is it going?
    • Obstacle #56: Are you enjoying the game?
    • Obstacle #63: What are you doing after this? Want to get some poutine?
    • Obstacle #70: Okay, pal. Seriously. Time to call it quits.
    • Obstacle #77: We were just kidding about it getting awesome. Go home.
    • Obstacle #84: That's it. I'm calling mother and arranging an intervention.
    • Obstacle #91: You won't listen will you? Don't make me turn this car around!
    • Obstacle #99: Okay that's it. I'm restarting this list of messages. That'll learn ya.
  • On some computers, the game will remember your score and the number of obstacles you've faced even after clearing your browser's cache and deleting your cookies.
    • On some computers, if you right click the game, choose "Settings," choose the folder tab, and drag the slider all the way to the left, you can delete all the information videlectrix.com has stored on your computer. Closing the window and restarting the game will give a prompt on whether to let it store info; denying will just make it ask again in next time your score changes.
  • If you choose "Fight" for each object once, you'd have 1 point. "Talk" would get you 15 points, and "Jump" would get you 14 points.
  • Allowing an object to hit your runner results in a loss of ten points.
  • The questions and answers for the game are contained in an XML file. It is possible to create your own questions and answers for the game by downloading the SWF and XML file and editing the XML with a text editor (like Notepad).
  • If your computer is slow, you can see the "loading" screen really says: "Loadaling".
  • The objects on the floor come toward you even when you are not running.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Linux is an open-source computer operating system.
  • The Franciscan order is marked particularly by a vow of poverty. The context of the "talk" response implies a vow of silence, which is not formally practiced by Franciscans.
  • "Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down" from the home stereo system obstacle quotes the hip-hop song "Jump Around" by House of Pain.
  • K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world, part of a mountainous region near the Himalayas. Sherpas are a Nepalese ethnic group, commonly associated for making a livelihood from their mountaineering skills.
  • If the player talks to the shark, Quint calls out from its belly with "keen fishing tips." This is a reference to the Steven Spielberg movie Jaws, particularly the shark hunter Quint who ends up being devoured by the titular shark.
  • "Jumping the shark" is a term for when a series has gone past its prime and noticeably devolved from its original appeal. The expression originated from an episode of the TV show Happy Days when breakout character Fonzie jumps over a live shark while on water-skis.
  • Poutine is a Canadian snack that combines French fries, fresh cheese curds, and gravy.
  • If the player tries to fight love, they will be told "You can't fight it and you can't hurry it. You just have to wait.", a reference to "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes.
  • The "For Use With Arrow Keys!" phrase on the box refers to the Atari 2600 cartridges that say "For Use With Joystick Controller" and such.
  • "Triple cream, triple sugar. And a cruller" is a reference to Doug McKenzie's order from "Peter's Donuts" on The Great White North.
  • Jumping through a train car in a TransAm is a reference to the television show Knight Rider, which featured a souped-up TransAm that could turbo boost into the air during pursuits.

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