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This article is about the game. For the running gag, see Kicking The Cheat. For the talking doll, see Kick The Cheat.

Date: Between Wednesday, October 8, 2003 and Thursday, April 1, 2004

Page Title: Kick the Cheat the Cheat! Rent to Own!

Kick The Cheat is a "game" that was accessible from the Flash Store. The player must hit the "KICK!" button to make a giant Strong Bad foot kick The Cheat as he falls from a robotic arm. If The Cheat is hit successfully, he slams against a brick wall and falls to the ground. It is also possible to hit him so that he merely flies up into the air, but does not hit the wall. No points will be earned for this. The score is calculated once The Cheat hits the wall, therefore if you press "reset" before he hits the wall, the point will not be added. The game uses Flash LSOs (similar to cookies) to save the player's score between sessions of the game (i.e., if you stop playing and come back later, the score is remembered).


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Note that score that says "ISTNEIS" and The Cheat floating midair.
  • The game was originally going to be about how far one could kick The Cheat. Using a Flash seek bar, you can view him flying through the air with a distance meter at the top of the screen.
  • The Cheat will always land in the same position (with the top of his head pointing toward the player).
  • If you hold the KICK! button while The Cheat is dropping, the leg will raise backward, building up power.
  • If you press and release the KICK! button fast enough, The Cheat will be kicked straight up, and not hit the wall. This is easiest by using the tab and enter keys.
  • It is possible to make The Cheat float in the air after the arm drops him by going to the distance Easter egg then quickly going back to the game.
  • It is impossible to kick The Cheat over the wall. No matter when or how much power, it cannot be done.
  • If you right click and click play before The Cheat hits the ground, he freezes in mid air but you cannot kick him. If you try to kick it, Strong Bad's head will look up and the leg will do nothing.

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