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"Can beefy, robot-panted Strong Bad restore freedom to the galaxy?"
"I'm the best graphics ever made!"

Ultimate Strong Bad is an evolved, futuristic, mutated version of Strong Bad imagined by himself for use in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. He carries a big knife and has extremely ripped muscles, electricity zapping between the gray points on his mask, green reptilian skin under his arms, a gold belt reading "butt kick", a spiky wristband, sharp teeth, and robot pants. He also has a mutated "diseased" The Cheat with hands and feet on a chain leash. Originally, Ultimate Strong Bad was just a drawing of Strong Bad for "concept art", but this paper has since become much more prominent in the Homestar Runner body of work.

Strong Bad imagined the concept early in development, as far back as the game's announcement, and submitted it to Telltale Games as "concept art", assuring everyone that "they would stick close to his vision". When Strong Bad got his Developer's Blog, he posted his outrage at Telltale Games for not using the art at all in the first four episodes. He finally loses it in Behind The Bad Chapter 3: The Last Straw and throws the concept art at Telltale president Dan Conners, who simply smiles and says "Oh, yeah." Sure enough, Ultimate Strong Bad finally got his official debut in 8-Bit is Enough.

In 8-Bit is Enough, Strong Bad transforms into Ultimate Strong Bad near the end of the game, with the TrogSword becoming his Big Knife. His character model in the style of early fifth generation video games, with a polygonal appearance and low-res textures. He is very happy about the transformation, but his joy is cut short when ULTIMATE TROGDOR!!! appears behind him. Ultimate Strong Bad must use his party members and his sword effectively to defeat the nightmarish Trogdor, who then causes the dungeon to collapse, with Ultimate Strong Bad and Homestar Runner narrowly escaping with their lives before Strong Bad wakes up in the Field, making it ambiguous as to whether Ultimate Strong Bad really existed.

Ultimate Strong Bad appears yet again in Trogdor's 3D-Ungeon, where he appears on-screen to kill Ultimate Trogdor occasionally, but can be repelled with fire breath. If he reaches Ultimate Trogdor, the game ends.

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