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"Just let it go. You gotta pick your battles."

Strong Bad appears to have his own shoulder angel, as well as a shoulder devil. However, rather than sitting on his shoulders, they appear to actually live inside his head.

They are apparently able to work as a team, as the Devil seems to ask the Angel for advice. The Devil appears to be much more eager to perform his duties. The Angel, however, seems to be a bit older and wiser. For example, when Strong Bad is trying to fool his brain by rubbing a Popsicle-shaped baloney sandwich on his head in The Baloneyman, the Devil wants to go out there and say something. The Angel, however, advises him to "just let it go", saying that "you've got to pick your battles."

In Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, when talking to a person, you often have two choices, represented by Devil and Angel Strong Bad. Choosing the Angel choice causes Strong Bad to say something kind, while choosing the Devil choice causes Strong Bad to say something mean. However, when Strong Bad is explaining this system in the SBCG4AP Tutorial, he says that choosing the Devil will cause him to "say something I would say". This could explain the Devil's relationship with Strong Bad, perhaps meaning that the two of them are usually on much better terms. The Angel, however, may be more used to disappointment, which is why he understands the importance of "picking your battles".

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