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"Being sampled by the They're Through-O Duo does NOT give these tracks the respect they deserve."

A number of songs are used in Baddest of the Bands, the third episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.


[edit] Kick The Chort

COACH Z: My name is Coach Z
and Bubs is my co-hort,
put on your cheat kickers,
and let's kick The Chort!

[edit] Stealin' Stuff From My Own Dang Store

COACH Z: -m in line, so I'll go wit' fruit punch all the time.

BUBS: I may be soft 'round the middle, but I'm still hardcore.

COACH Z: He's stealing stuff from his own dang store.
BUBS: {simultaneously} I'm stealing stuff from my own dang store.

COACH Z: And we're out,

BUBS: Hang on,

COACH Z: I said, and we're out.

[edit] Hugo Left Me Miserable

STRONG SAD: Hugo left, Hugo left. Hugo left me miserable {pronounced "mizzer-ah-bleuh"}.

[edit] Left Shift Alt Delete

Left shift alt delete. Get off your feet!

[edit] Roll Wit' Da' Punches

And then they
And then they
Make you roll wit' da punches, da punches!
Nod your head to this!

[edit] 3 O'Clock Twist

One more time, in case you missed, it's the 3 O'Clock Twist!

[edit] Slide to the Right Y'all Bridesmaids

RAPPERS: You got to slide to the right y'all bridesmaids!

FALSETTO SINGERS: Slide to the right!

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