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"You'd have to be some type of idiot to take on Trogdor alone."

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has many responses when you talk to various characters and interact with various objects. These are the responses from 8-Bit Is Enough.

On these pages, A → B (right arrow) means that the response happens when object A is used on thing B, or in the case of talking to other characters, the indicated sequence of chat topic icons are chosen.

A short horizontal line between two or more responses, such as the one above, means only one of the responses is heard at a time, and that the action results in a different response each time it occurs.


[edit] Locations

[edit] Error and Item Messages

[edit] General Messages

STRONG BAD: Uhhh... no.




STRONG BAD: That won't do anything interesting.

[edit] ???

STRONG BAD: Whatever the heck those are, they don't seem to work with that.

[edit] 8-Bit Key

STRONG BAD: I don't think this key's gonna open anything, except maybe a 200 year old door.

[edit] 8-Bit Lantern

STRONG BAD: Even if I wanted to shine a light on that, I'm pretty sure this crummy 2D pixel lantern would be absolutely useless.

[edit] 8-Bit Quill Pen

STRONG BAD: That doesn't need my signature.

[edit] 8-Bit Teabag

STRONG BAD: I don't think that's how you make tea.

[edit] Algebros

STRONG BAD: The Algebros are only good at math. And not really that good at math either.

[edit] Boxer Joe

STRONG BAD: All right, Snake Boxer. Do your stuff!
SNAKE BOXER: {on-screen caption} ...
STRONG BAD: Why won't he hit that?
HOMESTAR: {pops up} Guy's got a thing for snakes, Strong Bad. Don't ask him about it; he gets real quiet and does that thousand-yard stare. {vanishes}
STRONG BAD: Oh yeah.

STRONG BAD: He won't go for it. Snake Boxer may only do one thing, but he's the best at it.

[edit] Cell Phone

{When using it indoors}
STRONG BAD: {annoyed} No signal? You'd think a cell phone this giant'd have a better antenna. I better wait until I'm in a wide open space. {puts the phone away}

[edit] Key

STRONG BAD: This key only works on the door to my Trogdor machine... and maybe any other Trogdor... doors.

[edit] Light Musket

{When using it in Redcoat Ghost Patrol for the first time}
STRONG BAD: Eat photons, limey ghosts!

[edit] Limozeen's Bus

STRONG BAD: Yo, Limozeen, I got something to beam up here!
LARRY PALARONCINI: {voiceover} Whoa, Strong Bad! The Space Machine only beams up the babes!

[edit] Medkit

STRONG BAD: That doesn't need healing.

[edit] Mista Fixit

STRONG BAD: I don't think Mista Fixit can fix it.

[edit] Peasant

STRONG BAD: I'd better not... Trogdor can smell a peasant at, like, 20 furlongs away!

[edit] Putchnya Shotski

STRONG BAD: Hey, Red Square! Err, Blue Square.

[edit] Quarter

STRONG BAD: I don't want to get Homestar's digestive juices all over that.

[edit] Quest Thingie

STRONG BAD: I don't think this ridiculous quest item is gonna be of any use to anyone but Strong Sad.

[edit] Rather Dashing

STRONG BAD: Up and at 'em, short pants!
RATHER DASHING: {text displayed} That be not a princess! I only rescueth printhetheth... err, princesses!

[edit] Scorpion Food

STRONG BAD: I don't think they'll want that.

[edit] Snakes

STRONG BAD: I better not use my snakes here. They could slither away.

[edit] Space Circus Bear

STRONG BAD: I can't send the performing bear out into the wild for no reason! When he's ready to leave, I'll know.

[edit] TrogSword

STRONG BAD: The TrogSword won't work on anything but the Trogdor...'d.

[edit] Trophy

STRONG BAD: I better keep this trophy for someone who needs it.

[edit] Taking photos with ghosts

{First time only}
STRONG BAD: What the? What's that ghost doing in my picture? And that box wasn't there before! Man, this is seriously giving me the j-j-j-jibblies.

STRONG BAD: Another ghost in the frame?

[edit] Main Menu

{When opening the menu}
STRONG BAD: I'm in the middle of something, The Cheat. You do it this time.
{The Cheat nods.}

[edit] New Game

THE CHEAT: {waves both hands in the air while making The Cheat noises}

THE CHEAT: {raises one arm in the air while making The Cheat noises}

[edit] Save/Load

THE CHEAT: {proudly raises his right arm in the air while making The Cheat noises}

THE CHEAT: {nods while making The Cheat noises}

[edit] Settings

THE CHEAT: {looks up while making confused The Cheat noises}

THE CHEAT: {moody The Cheat noises}

[edit] Quit it

{Trogdor pops out from behind the couch, trying to distract Strong Bad and The Cheat.}
STRONG BAD: {unamused} Quit it!

[edit] Map

[edit] Gel-Arshie's Backstage

STRONG BAD: I better find a place for the Gel-Arshie game on here, so I know to avoid it.

[edit] Peasantry Inn

STRONG BAD: Now I've gotta find a place for the Peasantry Inn on my map.

[edit] Peasantry Forest

STRONG BAD: After all this time I can finally put Peasantry on my map! But where should it go?

[edit] Stinkoman 20X6

STRONG BAD: It's gonna be a challenge, but there's got to be room for Stinkoman 20X6 somewhere on here.

[edit] Trogdor Machine

STRONG BAD: I better write down where my Trogdor machine ran off to on my map, so I don't forget.

[edit] Videlectrix Halfathlon

STRONG BAD: Hmm, where should I put the Videlectrix Halfathlon on my map?

[edit] Hints

{Before talking to Strong Sad about the Trogdor machine}
STRONG BAD: Strong Sad must know where the Trogdor machine went. Or at least I can hear him cry about getting beaten up by it. That should be good for a laugh.
{Before attempting to open the Trogdor cabinet the first time}
STRONG BAD: The only way I'm gonna get to play my TROGDOR! game again is to use this case key to open up the cabinet.
{Before acquiring the Metal Detector}
STRONG BAD: I've got to get back to my room. I'm expecting that photo crew from "Filthy Living" magazine to show up any second.
{Before recovering Homestar's quarter}
STRONG BAD: Homestar's so stupid, he's probably standing on his lucky quarter and doesn't realize it.
{Before recovering Homestar's phone}
STRONG BAD: I better call my agent and see how "Dangeresque 3" is doing at the box office. Now where did I put Homestar's cell phone when I stole it?
{After calling Videlectrix for the logic board}
STRONG BAD: The Videlectrix guys said they'd drop off my package near Bubs' Concession Stand.
{Before entering the game cabinet}
HOMESTAR: {pep talking} Are you gonna let that dragon walk all over you like that, or are you gonna get inside that video game and take him out?
STRONG BAD: I'm still deciding!
{Before successfully opening a crate}
HOMESTAR: Man, I'm dying to know what's inside those crates. Can't you get a crowbar, or find some way to punch 'em open?
{After opening one crate, but not the second one}
HOMESTAR: Yeah, hang on, I'll ask him. Hey, Strong Bad, we need some more snakes in here. Don't ask. Could you just like, pack 'em up in a crate or something and send them to us?
{Before obtaining the Light Musket}
HOMESTAR: You're gonna need some kind of weapon if you want to kill a big old dragon like Trogdor.

HOMESTAR: Man, Marzipan's been throwing those crates around like they're goin' out of style! I wonder where they're all going?
{Before entering Peasantry}
HOMESTAR: Hey, SB, I hear those guys in that Peasant's Quest game have a lot of XP killing dragons. Just an FYI from the HSR.
{While the House of Strong is haunted}
HOMESTAR: Have you checked your baby brother's room? The ghosts are coming from inside the house!

HOMESTAR: Whenever I get too scared, I like to go downstairs and turn on the TV. And then hide under the couch.
{After the ghost sprites leave the House of Strong}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} Now you know what that Paul Revere guy looks like, solving that code wheel should be no problem! {vanishes}
{After gaining Gel-Arshie}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} I'm glad that Gel-Arshie guy is stuck in his own game. I don't like the way his brain is right there, starin' at you, goin' "THINK! THIIINK!" {vanishes}
{Before giving The Poopsmith what he wants}
HOMESTAR: Strong Bad, aren't you supposed to be finding a bunch of grapes or something for the Poopsmith?
STRONG BAD: He didn't want grapes, he needed rivets.
HOMESTAR: Oh, is THAT what those were? I thought it was grapes.
{Before the Limozeen Space Machine joins your party}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} When you get the Limozeen Space Machine fixed, make sure he checks the wiper fluid. That's very important! Plus I got a coupon. {vanishes}
{Before rescuing Bubs from Marzipan}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} I'm only telling you this 'cuz you're my best friend—
STRONG BAD: {interrupts} No I'm not.
HOMESTAR: —but I think Marzipan's on the Total Load. A little broomstick like her shouldn't be able to throw that far. {vanishes}
{Before speaking to Strong Sad}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} They say Trogdor's Lair is behind some pass through the mountains. Have you seen anything like that? {vanishes}
{While at the Peasantry Inn area but before talking to Strong Sad}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} Oh! Oh! I remember this game! Don't you have to talk to the guy who's guarding the path to where Trogdor hides out? {vanishes}
{Before going to Stinkoman 20X6}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} I'm just goin' over some of my favorite classic hremails. "Dear Homestar, what would you look like as a Japanese cartoon? And what would it be about?"
STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Hey, shut up! That's MY sbemail! {Homestar vanishes.}
{While inside Stinkoman 20X6}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} This game is too slow, Strong Bad! Faster! FASTER! {vanishes}

HOMESTAR: {pops up} Still no sign of that TrogSword, SB, but I'm keepin' an eye out for it! {vanishes}
Before talking to the Stinkoman 20X6 enemies}
HOMESTAR: Being in the video game really makes you appreciate what the level one monsters have to go through. Let's hear it for the level one monsters!

HOMESTAR: Hey Strong Bad, which Stinkoman bad guy do you think is the dreamiest? Most days I think it's Postlethwaite, but there's just something about Browntant.
{Before completing the stage repairs at Stinkoman 20X6}
HOMESTAR: {pops up} This game's all broken and buggy. They should get somebody in here to fix it. {vanishes}

HOMESTAR: {jumping} Whee! Whee! Whe- oh, sorry, Strong Bad. I forgot you can't jump.
{After the TrogSword has been acquired}
HOMESTAR: Uh, isn't Trogdor's lair back in Peasantry?
{If the player is going through the Hallways of Trogdor's Lair without using party members to defeat enemies}
HOMESTAR: {pops up, annoyed} What a rip-off! What was the point of picking up all that stuff in your inventory if you can't use it in a shootin' game? {vanishes}
{Before exposing Ultimate Trogdor's weak spots}
HOMESTAR: Your weapons aren't working, Strong Bad. Maybe you can give him the creeps until he runs away.
{After exposing Ultimate Trogdor's weak spots}
HOMESTAR: Trogdor must have more weak spots hidden all over!
{After defeating Ultimate Trogdor}
HOMESTAR: {half-heartedly} We better get out of here before the roof caves in! If only we had a way to unlock that giant lock!

[edit] Cheat Commandos Topplegangers Traction Figures

[edit] Swampslash

STRONG BAD: No way! It's a limited-edition unreleased Cheat Commandos action figure! I don't believe it. This one is Swampslash, leader of the shady mercenary commando biker gang and book club, the Topplegangers.

[edit] Dryghost

STRONG BAD: Another unreleased Cheat Commandos figure! This one is Dryghost, the Topplegangers' bad-seed second-in-command! And he's still in the package! I'm gonna be SO rich!

[edit] Subtlefuge

STRONG BAD: All right! It's Subtlefuge, easily the manliest and most mysterious of the Topplegangers! And Crackotage's evil twin! Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? With that kind of chest hair, does it even matter?

[edit] Fudgeclank

STRONG BAD: {excited} This... cannot... be happening. It's a brand new figure for Fudgeclank, the Topplegangers' "wild card". They only made like a dozen of these before they had to do a recall for what they referred to as "Irresponsible Causation of Nightmares and Subsequent Wet Beds". I heard that if you combine the packages for all four Topplegangers, it makes the Deluxe Submarine Junkyard Playset! I gotta get back to my room and see if it works!

[edit] Good Graphicketeers Cards

{After obtaining all four}
STRONG BAD: {excited} Oh, boy! Now that I've got all four of the Good Graphicketeers cards, I can put them together to form... {The cards come together on screen and flip over to their backs to reveal a bigger picture; Strong Bad isn't amused.} ...a picture of a stick of gum.

[edit] 100% Completion

STRONG BAD: {surprised} Videlectrix is giving away unlicenced me shirts? {The Strong Bad shirt item appears on screen.} I gotta talk to my made-up lawyer about this. {The shirt leaves the screen.} Would've been cooler if I was wearing a shirt with me on it, and then that one was wearing a shirt with me on it... {speaks in a grittier tone} ...and then that one was wearing a shirt with me on it... {mumbles}
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