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In Baddest of the Bands, every main character, save for Strong Sad and The Poopsmith, becomes part of a band to participate in Strong Bad's Battle Royale of the Bands.


[edit] Cool Tapes

See main article: Cool Tapes
Cool Tapes logo
"Objectifying women is not very nice."

Members: Marzipan (guitar, vocals), Strong Mad (bass), The Cheat (drums)

Cool Tapes are a rock band formed by Marzipan. They are a highly environmental and political band, and they often play concerts for such causes as helping endangered albino vegan fruit bats. Their score plummets after Marzipan writes a song about the "not very nice" things she suspected judges Limozeen of performing.

Cool Tapes songs that play during the game include "Doin' the Wigglie", "The Same Riff for Several Minutes", "My Face (Please Don't Put Needles In It)", and "Limozeen is Not Very Nice".

[edit] Two-O Duo

Two-O Duo logo
"One, two, one-one two."

Members: Bubs (turntable, keytar), Coach Z (vocals, dancing)

Two-O Duo is Bubs' and Coach Z's rap group. They have released one known album, titled "DeButt", a play on the word "debut". They had previously split up the duo after Coach Z got soft, and Bubs refused to talk about him. However, after Coach Z mysteriously became mischievous and started causing trouble, Bubs agreed to put aside their differences for a once-in-a-lifetime reunion performance at the Battle Royale Of The Bands. However, they broke up again early on in the concert, after Coach Z punches Bubs repeatedly in the face by accident during his hip-hop dance.

Two-O Duo songs that play during the game include "Lets's TP The Stick", "Throwing Rocks Through Ol' Man Marzipan's Windows", "Stealin' Stuff From My Own Dang Store", and "Kick the Chort". Their original demo tape is featured as an Easter egg in cheatday.

[edit] PomStar

PomStar logo
"Girl, we got a food related love..."

Members: Pom Pom (piano keyboard), Homestar Runner (vocals)

PomStar is a soul band formed by Pom Pom and Homestar Runner. The band was once just called 'PomPom', but it was changed after Homestar Runner was hired after his rendition of "Food Related Love" at the auditions. Homestar sings in a deep, soothing voice during performances, but he has trouble remembering his lines. This is why Pom Pom gave Homestar wireless headphones, so that Homestar will sing whatever Pom Pom tells him through the headphones. They lose the audience's support after Homestar repeats some non sequiturs from the Drive-Thru Whale that his headphones picked up.

PomStar songs that play during the game include "Food-Related Love".

[edit] DÖI

DÖI logo
"A-one, a-two, a-come and feel the BRAIN CRUNCH!!"

Members: Strong Bad (vocals), The King of Town (guitar), Homsar (theremin)

DÖI is a death metal band formed by Strong Bad. Strong Bad himself didn't really choose who was in his band. After signing nearly every other character up in bands, Homsar and The King of Town were the only people left. Once they started the concert, Strong Bad realized that their band is the kind that makes your ears bleed, so he set out to sabotage the other three bands.

What the initials "DÖI" stand for can be chosen by the player. The options are as follows:

  • First Word (chosen by Strong Bad):
    1. Diamond
    2. Devastating
    3. Deluxe
    4. Degenerate
    5. Demonic
  • Second Word (chosen by The King of Town):
    1. Octopus
    2. Omelette
    3. Oyster
    4. Oatmeal
    5. Oliveloaf
  • Third Word (chosen by Homsar):
    1. Itch Machine
    2. Iguanodon
    3. Insurance
    4. Incorporated
    5. Insomniacs

As Strong Bad makes his way to the emergency prop release on the top floor of the stage, he (inadvertently) prompts all the members, including himself, to perform crowd-pleasing stunts that help them win, such as being electrocuted, swinging guitars at an amp, sliding across the stage, and the King of Town eating bleached, buttered bats.

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