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"How he still managed to get chicks without squealy vocals or guitars is beyond me."

Food-Related Love is a piano piece written by Pom Pom. In Baddest of the Bands, Homestar Runner tried to improvise lyrics (with Strong Bad's help) while auditioning to sing in Pom Pom's band.

[edit] Lyrics

POM POM: {Bubbles}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Singing} Girl, we got a food-related love.
And it makes me wanna sing!
It's a hot 'n' tangy feeling,
kinda like a...

like a buffalo wing!

Bleu cheese or ranch?

We can dine in,
or we can take it to go.
Our food-related love makes me all tipsy,
kinda queasy, like a...

like a pint of merlot!

I used to think it was mer-lot,
until you told me it's not.

And when we food-related kiss,
it never food-related fails.
Our lips are slimy,
juicy, like a...

like these hot buttered snails! (Sooo nasty.)

"We can dine in, or we can take it to go..."

They're so gross, and buttery,
and they move so slow.
They're just like me, girl.
The way I move across the dance floor.

Our love is related to food,
and you know that it's true.
It's warm and bubbly too,
just like a... umm... like a...

Hang on, girl, gimme a minute...

just like a pot of fonduuuuuue!


HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Falsetto} Just like a pot of fondue!


HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Normal voice} Ohhh, fondue is related to food.

BASS SINGER: That's true.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: In fact, I think it might be a food.
Ohhh, fondue.
It's so warm and it's gooey.
{Speaks} Fonduey. So truey.

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