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'''ALL BUT FLASHFIGHT:''' ''{groans}''
'''ALL BUT FLASHFIGHT:''' ''{groans}''
'''FIGHTGAR:''' I wanted to watch ponies... fightin'.
'''FIGHTGAR:''' I wanted to watch... ponies... fightin'.
''{Cut to the others outside the battery cover.}''
''{Cut to the others outside the battery cover.}''

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Toon Category: Big Toon
watch 2 Part Episode: Part 1 The King of Town DVD
"Positive... negative... rabbit..."

Gunhaver teams up with The Topplegangers in order to break into the Headquarters Playset and free Blue Laser Commander.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gunhaver, Crackotage, Silent Rip, Subtlefuge, Dryghost, Swampslash, Fudgeclank, Flashfight, Fightgar, Firebert, Blue Laser Commander, Reynold, Ripberger, Green Helmets, Reinforcements, Taranchula (Easter Egg)

Places (in order of appearance): Topplegangers' Hideout, Cheat Commandos HQ, Reynold's Office

Date: Monday, June 8, 2009

Running Time: 5:10

Page Title: You know dang well!



{Open to a view of Gunhaver, Crackotage, Silent Rip walking in a swamp. The title "Two Part Episode: Part Two" appears, with "written on the john by A. Chimendez". The three start walking out the swamp and on to the Topplegangers' Hideout.}

SILENT RIP: You sure this is where the Topplegangers' Hideout is?

GUNHAVER: I hope so. If not, we're surrounded by an entirely different rag-tag band of mercenaries.

{Danger Music plays, four Topplegangers appear (silhouetted) from the bushes.}

GUNHAVER: All together now boys.

ALL: {groans} Gulp!

{Subtlefuge walks out of the bushes}

SUBTLEFUGE: Well, if it isn't my good twin brother, Crapotage. And a couple of Cheat Commandos. {pronounced co-mon-dos}

{Cut to Crackotage next to Silent Rip}

CRACKOTAGE: Not anymore, Subtlefuge. We're on our own.

SILENT RIP: And we need your help to break into the Headquarters Playset and free Blue Laser.

SUBTLEFUGE: And how do we know this isn't a trap?

{Cut to Gunhaver melting with his boxers full of lips on it showing.}

GUNHAVER: I've been wearing these same boxers for three {Crackotage and Silent Rip get disturbed expressions} days!

{Cut back to Subtlefuge}

SUBTLEFUGE: Euhhg! I'm convinced. You might as well meet the rest of the Topplegangers.

{Cut to a scene with one of the Topplegangers, the Toppleganger is wearing glasses, also has a mustache, and has a gray skin color, wearing a pink shirt saying "BAD GUY", with a German helmet with a skull on it.}


{Cut to another scene with another Toppleganger, who has 2 scars, a green mohawk, a blue skin color, a chain around his chest, and a black coat.}

SUBTLEFUGE: Swampslash.

{Cut to another scene with just trees, then a Toppleganger comes out of Hammerspace, the Toppleganger has colorful clown hair, has a bright yellow skin color, all his Cheat spots have many colors, and paint around his eyes, cheeks, and mouth, and is wearing a grenade belt with four grenades on it.}

SUBTLEFUGE: Fudgeclank.

FUDGECLANK: {laughs as a clown}

{The Topplegangers all walk up into a group.}

SUBTLEFUGE: Each is sold separately with rifle and gear.

{The "Cheap as Free" logo appears in the bottom left corner, cut to another scene at the outside of the Cheat Commandos HQ, zooming in to the inside.}

FLASHFIGHT: And then we all reverse flank, drop trou, and the insurgents should surrender! Any questions?

{Cut to Fightgar and Firebert.}

FIGHTGAR: Yeah, can we let Blue Laser out so we can maybe have some fun for once?

{Fightgar and Firebert start laughing.}

FLASHFIGHT: Uh-uh! Don't make me have to fire YOU, Firebert. I'd hate to waste such an exquisite commando name!

FIREBERT: {Sad The Cheat noises}

{Cut to Reynold and Blue Laser Commander in Reynold's office, a picture of Gunhaver is on the wall}

REYNOLD: And I'd like to submit a formal request for you to shut your face whenever it's convenient for you, and if not, then no problem!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Aw, come on! Really let 'er rip!

REYNOLD: I'll tear off your face! I'll tear it right off! I'll tear it off and wear it to town!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Whoa! Struck a nerve there, eh, little Scrawnjob?

REYNOLD: Mmmm, Scrawnjob! I like the sound of that.

{Cut to Subtlefuge and the ex-Cheat Commandos, a blueprint of the Cheat Commandos playset is laid out}

SUBTLEFUGE: Here are the plans!

SILENT RIP: Where did you get those?!

DRYGHOST: We've had 'em for a while. I got the headquarters playset for my Bar Mitzvah.

SWAMPSLASH: It looks like this rear battery cover leads to the holding cell.

GUNHAVER: Then that's our way in!

SUBTLEFUGE: We'll take the Ramshanckle!

{Cut to the Topplegangers and former Commandos in a beat up boat with a cannon on top.}

SINGERS: It's the Ramshanckle, and you know dang well, it's made out of old vehicles that we couldn't sell!

{Cut to Flashfight and the Cheat Commandos.}

FLASHFIGHT: Since you've all been working so hard, I have a little surprise for you. Non-Violent Dressage Mishaps Volume 4!


FIGHTGAR: I wanted to watch... ponies... fightin'.

{Cut to the others outside the battery cover.}

CRACKOTAGE: There's the battery cover, but how will we ever get it open?

SUBTLEFUGE: Leave that to Swampslash, our master of disguise. He speaks three different languages, and can blend in anywhere.

SWAMPSLASH: {dressed as a battery} Uh... Charge. Positive. Negative. Rabbit. Um... Lick?

{The cover bursts open and everyone starts coughing.}

SILENT RIP: No wonder the electronic lights and sounds stopped working. These batteries haven't been changed since Donnie's twelfth birthday!

{Cut to Reynold's office}

GUNHAVER: Sorry Blue Laser, you've stayed in jail for the last time!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Can I get a "bo-nus"?!

GUNHAVER: Bonus! Now get out there and make with the evil schemes!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: "Evil scheme" is quite literally my middle name! It's Slovenian!

GUNHAVER: Ha! This terlet has the green water in it! A-cool!

{Cut to outside battery cover}

SUBTLEFUGE: {as Subtlefuge speaks, Blue Laser Commander walks by smiling} Now, there's the slight matter of our, um, let me think of it, how do say, you, um, payments.

SILENT RIP: {looking surprised} Oh! Uh... right. How do you feel about defaulted, unpaid, triple mortgages on restaurant spaces?

SUBTLEFUGE: As good as gold!

{Cut to Flashfight's share of the Cheat Commandos}

ANNOUNCER: And, once again...


ANNOUNCER: ...absolutely nothing happened.


{Blue Laser Commander appears on screen.}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Attention Cheat Commandos!

ALL: {gasp}

FLASHFIGHT: How did he get out?!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: You're already too late! We've flooded all the country's amusement parks with counterfeit Skee-Ball tickets, causing the cost of Skee-Ball prizes to sky-rocket!

ALL: {gasp}

FLASHFIGHT: And why should the military be concerned with this?

FIGHTGAR: You'll never get away with it, Blue Laser!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Oh, it wasn't my idea. Meet Blue Laser's newest evil mastermind, Scrawnjob!

{Danger Music plays, Reynold/Scrawnjob shows up on screen.}

REYNOLD/SCRAWNJOB: That's right, Cheat ComannDON'TS! Say goodbye to those oversized novelty sunglasses! And that boom box was never attainable!

FLASHFIGHT: So, you've made a game for eight-year-olds slightly more of a rip-off. I still don't see how this affects global security.

{Cut to Gunhaver, Silent Rip and Crackotage, who are now in the room.}

GUNHAVER: Don't you see, Admiral? Without plastic crap to win, kids will have no recourse but to join criminal groups! The world will be overrun with lasers of all colors!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: {halfheartedly} Oh no, Gunhaver figured it out, rendering my plan useless through the TV! Bested again by my old nemesis.

ALL: Yay!

FLASHFIGHT: Oh well. I suppose you two are ridiculous enough to justify the other's existence. Here, Gunhaver, you can... have gun. {gives Gunhaver's gun back to him}

GUNHAVER: Thanks! {shoots Flashfight}

ALL: {gasp}

GUNHAVER: No, it's cool. He's wearin' that bullet-proof vest from earlier.

{Reinforcements comes in, wearing the bullet-proof vest.}


{Gunhaver looks at Reinforcements with shock.}

{Quick cut to the theme song ending screen.}

SINGERS: -ets and toys!!

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "playsets" at the end to see Crackotage rhyming.
{Cut to a scene with Crackotage at the left and some other Cheat Commandos at the right}
CRACKOTAGE: And now that I'm back as part of the team, I can get into my old rhyme scheme. Laughity laugh laugh!
  • Click on "toys" at the end to see a Taranchula clip. See the visuals.
{music} That's what happens when you're down with the Fudgeclank!!!

Fun Facts


  • Dressage is a style of horse competition, emphasizing the movement and grace of horse and rider.
  • A Bar Mitzvah is the coming of age ceremony for Jewish males that takes place at age 13. The female equivalent, Bat Mitzvah, takes place at age 12.
  • 'Written on the john' refers to having written the story while on the toilet.


  • When Gunhaver bursts into Reynold's Office, the wall he breaks through had a drawing of him on it. He has the same pose and expression as the drawing for a moment.


  • Gunhaver says, "This terlet has the green water in it!" Although there is green sludgy looking water around the base of the "terlet", the water inside it is light blue.


  • When the melting Gunhaver moves his arm, it covers a wrinkle in his shirt, even though it should create another.
  • When the Cheat Commandos gasp at the shooting of Flashfight, Fightgar's face and left arm do not move with his body.
  • When the ex-Cheat Commandos and the Topplegangers are riding in the Ramshanckle, Silent Rip is not shown.

Inside References

Real World References

  • Reynold threatening to rip Gunhaver's face off and wear it to town is likely a reference to Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.
  • Swampslash mentioning a rabbit while dressed like a battery is a reference to the mascot for Energizer batteries.
  • The line "Each is sold separately with rifle and gear" is a reference to an '80s A-Team toy commercial. In that commercial, they say the same exact line about the A-Team action figures.
  • Reynold's pseudonym Scrawnjob is a reference to the rarely seen G.I. Joe character, Snowjob.
  • Flashfight's plan Operation Take 'em Down is a plan to moon the enemy. A similar battle strategy occured in Braveheart
  • Subtlefuge claiming Swampslash "is a master of disguise", "can speak 3 languages", and "can blend in anywhere" is probably a reference to G.I. Joe character Zartan.

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