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"Time to para...troop behind enemy lines!"

Like all army forces, the Cheat Commandos often require vehicles in order to carry out their missions.


[edit] Ground Vehicles

"Your evil plan is going snowhere!"

There are four known ground vehicles in the Cheat Commandos world. Among them are the "Troop Carrier" (which appears to be a tank), the "Troop Transport", and the "Action Figure Storage Truck". The Troop Transport is avalible to be printed out in Cheat Commandos Playsets. The Action Figure Storage Truck is seen in the Cheat Commandos toon. In The Next Epi-Snowed, Gunhaver rides up in the new "Cheat Command-snowbile".

[edit] Aerial Vehicles

"It's that guy! That flies that plane!"

There are two known aerial vehicles in the Cheat Commandos world. The first one seen is the helicopter. The action figure of Firebert, held by Strong Bad, uses the helicopter to parachute into enemy lines in the original Cheat Commandos toon.

Crackotage's Plane was used to drop supplies to Fightgar, Silent Rip, Gunhaver, and Firebert in Cheat Commandos...O's during their search for the Blue Laser base in the secret desert. Silent Rip refers to it as "that plane".

[edit] Other Forces

[edit] Blue Laser

Like the Cheat Commandos, Blue Laser has access to vehicles, though only one has seen widespread visuals in the cartoon, the Blue Laser Tank. A heavily-armored vehicle, it's easily identified by its dark-blue paintjob and blue laser insignia on the tank's sides. Its pilots show a callous disregard for local traffic laws; in Shopping For Danger, one (which presumably is the one Blue Laser drove there) is parked across at least 4 parking spaces.

[edit] Topplegangers

And you know dang well.

The Topplegangers own a marine vehicle called the Ramshankle, and "it's made out of old vehicles that [they] couldn't sell". It has a cannon mounted on a turret in the bow.

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