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The different costumes of the Cheat Commandos characters.

Image Character Costume Seen in
Wait until Gunhaver sees this! Reynold Gunhaver Shopping for Danger
Ain't no old lady! Fightgar An old lady Shopping for Danger
Good morning, I am Professor Reynold. Reynold A professor Commandos in the Classroom
Is he related to Ilko? Reynold A Gold Rush-era miner Commandos in the Classroom
Here's Reynold, stepping up to the plate... Reynold Baseball player Commandos in the Classroom
HA HA HA! They're deep dish! Blue Laser Commander and his minion Pizzas Commandos in the Classroom
Fly girly or Fresh honey? Foxface In a Bikini An Important Rap Song
Cheat Pilgrimandos, Rock Rock On! Silent Rip, Reinforcements, and Fightgar Pilgrims Toikey TV
Reynold A pilgrim Toikey TV
Gunhaver In a towel The Next Epi-Snowed
Crack Stuntman Strong Badman Comic Book Movie
This thing's awesome! Gunhaver In a bulletproof vest 2 Part Episode: Part 1
Gunhaver, Silent Rip and Crackotage Jaded Teen Pizza employees 2 Part Episode: Part 1
Reynold's Brother Jaded Teen Pizza manager 2 Part Episode: Part 1
Blue Laser Minions Soccer Players 2 Part Episode: Part 1
He's been wearing those for three days! Gunhaver With lipstick-patterned boxers 2 Part Episode: Part 2
Master of Disguise? Swampslash A battery 2 Part Episode: Part 2
Reynold "Scrawnjob" 2 Part Episode: Part 2
Hey guys. Reinforcements In a bulletproof vest 2 Part Episode: Part 2

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