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Pizzas that no one understands.

Jaded Teen Pizza is a pizza place, managed and run by Reynold's Brother. Like the manager, it seems to be punk-style, with its motto "No one understands our pizza", and it appears to be directed towards teenagers. Although it is primarily a pizza place, it has been implied that it also serves "wings". The uniforms are made up of white hats with a stylized picture of a pizza slice on them. Reynold's Brother wears three of those for some reason, one on each spike of his mohawk. Crackotage, Silent Rip, and Gunhaver (whom Reynold's Brother refers to by his given name, Charles) worked here after they were fired from the Cheat Commandos by Flashfight. It is not known if anyone else works there, as the kitchen was the only part seen. The three eventually started a rival restaurant known as "Kitchen Commandos", which failed and went out of business after three months.

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