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"But I'm not thankful for that guy over there with the camera!"

The Cheat Commandos spy on Blue Laser using the spy camera. It transmits its video stream to The Screen. The use of the spy camera is a parody of the convention in many TV shows, such as G.I. Joe, where characters can observe activity remotely, often without explanation or plausibility.

In Cheat Commandos...O's, Blue Laser receives footage of the Cheat Commandos in the desert and views it from the safety of Blue Laser Commander's Nana's backyard.

In Shopping For Danger, the Cheat Commandos spy on Blue Laser shopping in Price Style on double-coupon day.

The camera itself first appears onscreen in Let Us Give TANKS!, when Reinforcements uses it along with several stage lights to broadcast Thanksgiving dinner at Blue Laser's Nana's house back to their headquarters, despite the other commandos in attendance preferring to keep it a secret from Gunhaver.

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