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Meanwhile, in this guy's mouth...

From the Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 DVD commentary:

STRONG BAD: Umm, I like a lot of the transitions I do, like "meanwhile at the thrift store"...
MIKE: Yeah, where you just kinda put it written on somebody's teeth, maybe; Battle of the Bands—
STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} Yeah.
MIKE: —I think, was written on people's teeth...
STRONG BAD: Well, usually it's pretty gross. Close-ups.

In Teen Girl Squad episodes, a scene transition will often be marked by a caption reading where and/or when the next scene takes place. The text often appears on a close-up of a person in some form, accompanied by Strong Bad shouting the text. These screens also appear in regular toons, albeit more normal-looking, without the Teen Girl Squad-style close-ups.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Teen Girl Squad

  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 — As the scene changes from three of the girls getting lethal spring rolls to What's Her Face at a thrift store, the screen shows a close-up of a fat man holding a "meanwhile, at the THRIFT STORE" sign in his mouth.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
    • When the scene changes from the girls at school discussing their band to their first band practice, the screen shows a frail old man carrying what appears to be a large rock on his back, reading "after school".
    • The scene changes from the band practice to the Battle of the Bands with a close-up of a mouth with "BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!" written on the teeth, surrounded by stubble, a small nose, and a large chin.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 — During the transition to The Ugly One's birthday party, there is a close-up of a mouth with mustache stubble and a soul patch smoking a cigarette with "AT THE PARTY!" written on it.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 11 — As the scene changes from So and So's summer job to the other three at summer camp, a close-up of a man's head is seen with "MEANWHILE at summer camp" written on it. He has large eyebrows and a disgruntled expression.
  • Homestar Ruiner Teen Girl Squad — The transition to the basketball game is marked with a beefy arm reading "LATER, AT THE GAME".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 15 — The scene shifts to the girls' prom with a close-up of a large-lipped man's mustache with "At The Prom." scrawled on it in white.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (18 Aug 2016) — Puppet Strong Bad sings The System is Down, and during the "DOOJ", a Teen Girl Squad drawing of a hairy arm tattooed "DOOJ" appears. The arm appears to be resting on a table with a big knife and a beer mug, holding a cigarette.

[edit] Other

5 minutes later...
  • Email credit card — Between the time when Strong Bad sends a credit card fraud-related email to Homestar Runner claiming to be the Superfied Credit Union and the time Homestar replies, a black screen reading "5 minutes later" in the Tandy 400's green font is shown.
  • Email suntan — While Strong Bad is sunbathing, a dark gray screen reading "6-8 hours later..." in the Compy 386's white font is shown. Later, when asked how long it's been, Strong Bad replies "6, maybe 8 hours".
  • Email more armies — While Strong Bad is waiting three weeks for the Vaguely Military Career Fair, a dark gray screen reading "2 weeks later..." in white is shown, followed by "1 week later...".
  • Email your edge (Easter egg) — While Strong Bad and The Cheat are trapped in the Basement of the Brothers Strong, a green cross-stitch-esque screen reading "Three Hours Later" in white is shown. There is a white flower-like symbol in each corner.
  • Compy Catalog — While Strong Bad is waiting for the Compé, a black screen reading "2-4 weeks later..." in yellow is shown.
  • Email too cool — Before the Cardgage curse catches up with Strong Bad and Homestar, a black screen reading "8 or 7 years later" in white is shown.

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