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print out million dollar bill.exe

There are instances when Strong Bad sings or does something during an opening to his email, the intro is mentioned or reused later on in the same email.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email dullard — Strong Bad says "Mmmmm... fresh emails" at the beginning, and "Mmmmm... hot pockets" at the end.
  • Email action figure — The tune Strong Bad sings at the beginning is used for the action figures' theme, and is reused in several later toons.
  • Email japanese cartoon — The email begins with a haiku, a form of Japanese poetry.
  • Email couch patch — Strong Bad tries to print out a million dollar bill three times and fails in the intro. In an Easter egg at the end of the email, the viewer can print out a million dollar bill.
  • Email the bet — Strong Bad says the phrase "Big money, big money" in his intro. This phrase is often used in casinos or game shows, and the email is about a bet.
  • Email different town — The intro is a reference to They Might Be Giants, who helped make the "Different Town" song featured in the email.
  • Email dangeresque 3 — Strong Bad sings about an email with a gun in its hand; later on, while playing as Dangeresque, he is holding a gun.
  • Email pom pom — Strong Bad says he gambles with emails in the theme, and at the end, clicking on the word "emailed" leads to an Easter egg with Strong Bad playing poker with cards that use the names of previous emailers.
  • Email other days — Strong Bad sings about his starting-to-melt email in his pocket when checking his email, starting-to-melt snail mail in his pocket when checking his snail mail, and starting-to-melt Polish email in his pocket when checking his Polish email.
  • Email pizzaz — Strong Bad sings a wild western-style intro and in an Easter egg at the end of the email, there is an animated title screen complete with theme song of the intro.
  • Email bottom 10 — Strong Bad sings that this email is making fun of you and he pulls up an email that makes fun of him.
  • Email theme song — Strong Bad sings his opening song at the end of the email.
  • Email what I want — In this Decemberween-themed email, Strong Bad sings a part of the Jingle Bells rendition played by Casio Head Strong Bad in Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
  • Email from work — Strong Bad opens this email whispering about checking his email quietly, as he is at work.
  • Email hygiene — Strong Bad sings about checking an email and then telling "some kid he's a dork". He immediately checks an email sent by a fifth grader, and proceeds to imply that the sender "has no friends and sits in the front row [at school]".

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