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This article is about the contact page for The Brothers Chaps. For the feature, see Strong Bad Email.
"Contact" redirects here. For contact information for the characters, see Contacts.
Free Country postal service

Email is the contact page for The Brothers Chaps.

Page Title: Email Menu - It's maybe just for email againymore!

The first letter leads to the Shopify Store front customer service page. The return address on the letter is:

5 Lunchtime Station
Marylog, OP 2x2x2

The second leads to the Frequently Asked Questions. The return address is:

Gent Delabor
403 Figgis St.
Mundelow, PA 80808
Email US!

Until late 2015, the contact page had three letters, the first allowing one to email The Brothers Chaps at their address. The information on the envelope read:

The Brothers Chaps
email the creators
of Homestar, RNR 30307


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