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The promotional screen (pre-launch)

A promo for the first installment of strongbad_email.exe, a 3-disc DVD set collecting the first 100 Strong Bad Emails. The promo was linked from the Flash Store.

Date: November 8, 2004

Page Title: strongbad_email.exe

[edit] Transcript


  • The first 100 emails on 3 discs
  • All Easter eggs and hidden stuff intact plus some new junk you've never seen!
  • Over 1 hour of bonus stuff including:
    • 3 unreleased emails
    • 2 music videos
    • 4 karaoke videos
    • behind the scenes stuff
    • puppet stuff
  • 40+ hidden character/creator commentaries
  • Region FREE!


[edit] Fun Facts

  • The promo launched without a listed price; the red "buy now" button instead contained the line "COMING THIS WEEK!". The DVD set was released days later on November 10, 2004, at which time the information was updated to the "Buy now!" version.
  • Initially, clicking the 'back' button would always return to Main Page 13. This was later updated to direct to the Flash Store; after its closure, this instead redirected to the Yahoo Store (the link was not updated after its closure).

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