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I'm da bee!


[edit] Detailed Information

Album: Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits
Track: 13
Time: 1 minute 54 seconds
Artist(s): Marzipan (feat. Strong Bad and Homestar Runner)
Written by: Missy Palmer
Style: Folk
Origin: Brand new song.
Tablature: Sensitive to Bees Tablature

[edit] Lyrics

MARZIPAN: Strong Bad, do you want to hear my song?
MARZIPAN: Okay, here we go.

{Marzipan starts playing Carol}

STRONG BAD: I said no. ...Ooh, that sounds gorgeous.

MARZIPAN: {singing} I'm very sensitive to birds
MARZIPAN: {singing} I'm very sensitive to trees
STRONG BAD: Them falling on you?
MARZIPAN: {singing} I'm very sensitive to all these things
But I'm especially sensitive to bees
STRONG BAD: Hey, I'm da bee!

MARZIPAN: {singing} Yeah, I really, really, really like bees
STRONG BAD: I really, really think you're making this up as you go.

MARZIPAN: {singing} Have you ever walked outside?
And noticed that they're really pretty cute?
STRONG BAD: {singing simultaneously} And got run over by a big truck?
MARZIPAN: {singing} They like to fly around and eat your fruit
STRONG BAD: Oh, fruit and cute. Good rhyme!
MARZIPAN: {singing} But it's okay, 'cause they're cute
STRONG BAD: Oh, cute and cute. That's even more advanced.
MARZIPAN: {singing} Yeah, it's okay, 'cause they're cute
STRONG BAD: Cute, cute, and cute. You're the poet laureate of—

MARZIPAN: {singing} BUZZ!
STRONG BAD: Oh, what?
MARZIPAN: {singing} Ouch! BUZZ!
STRONG BAD: What are you doing?
MARZIPAN: {singing} Ouch! BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! Ouch!
STRONG BAD: Stop that!

MARZIPAN: {singing} I've heard some people say
STRONG BAD: You should really quit playing this song.
MARZIPAN: {singing} That you can't count on a bee to pay
STRONG BAD: Oh. Well, I will agree with that one. Got a good point there.
MARZIPAN: {singing} And they won't look you in the eye
And all they want to do is fly real high.
STRONG BAD: {singing simultaneously, joining in} Doo doo doo doo doo doot doo really high
HOMESTAR: Hey guys!

MARZIPAN & STRONG BAD: {singing} But ya gotta love 'em anyway!
HOMESTAR: What are you doing? Are you guys singing a song?
MARZIPAN & STRONG BAD: {singing} I don't care what they say anymore!
{Homestar joins in}
ALL: {singing} 'Cause I really, really do love bees! (HOMESTAR: trees!)
MARZIPAN: All together now!
MARZIPAN & STRONG BAD: {singing} Yeah, I really, really, really like bees......ah.
HOMESTAR: {singing simultaneously} Yeah, I really, really like to play with trees! And ants!

STRONG BAD: All right, don't tell anybody I sang along with you.
HOMESTAR: But you can tell them I did!
MARZIPAN: No thanks!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Strong Bad and Homestar are hard panned, so when Strong Bad talks, his voice comes out of the left channel, and when Homestar talks, his voice comes out the right channel.

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