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*Email [[theme park]] (Easter egg)
*Email [[theme park]] (Easter egg)
*Email [[death metal]]
*Email [[death metal]]
*Email [[Pizza Joint]]
==Fun Facts==
==Fun Facts==

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Teen Girl Squad menu
The girls are looking SO GOOD!

Teen Girl Squad is a purposely crudely drawn comic series centering around four stereotypical teenage girls' quest to become popular. Its origins began in the Strong Bad Email comic, when a girl named Brittany asked Strong Bad to make a comic strip about her four friends. Strong Bad's spur-of-the-moment comic soon became a series of its own. In each issue, the blandly named girls — Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One — perform typical teenage activities, such as going to the mall, attracting cute boys, or babysitting, but Strong Bad's overactive imagination often subjects the girls to strange and gruesome deaths. Being killed doesn't seem to be a problem for the girls, however, as they always return for the next issue, or sometimes simply later in the episode. The two most popular gags in the series are the girls' catchphrase, "SO GOOD!", and the onomatopoeia used when a character dies — -'d, for example: "Lathe'd!" used to describe What's Her Face's being killed by spinning near a blade.

Menu Page Title: T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!



Screenshot Issue Running Time Date
Issue 1
(from comic)
0:52 December 2, 2002
Issue 2 1:12 February 10, 2003
Issue 3 1:37 May 12, 2003
Issue 4 1:38 September 15, 2003
Issue 5 1:57 March 1, 2004
Issue 6
(Decemberween Special)
1:22 July 12, 2004
Issue 7
(Teeny Tiny Girl Squad)
1:53 August 23, 2004
Issue 8 2:24 January 17, 2005
Issue 8½
(from HomestarRunner.com PAY PLUS!)
0:25 April 1, 2005
Issue 9 2:05 June 20, 2005
Issue 10
(Tenthennial Extravaganza)
3:34 October 10, 2005
Issue 11 3:30 July 17, 2006
Issue 12
(Valentimes Day Special)
3:20 February 12, 2007
Issue 13
3:25 June 18, 2007

Other Appearances

Fun Facts

  • Every episode has a different "description" of each girl on their title cards at the beginning. An extra set of these descriptions is also viewable in the preview of Teen Girl Squad on the TV Time Toons Menu, which can be seen by holding the cursor over the Teen Girl Squad button. The descriptions tend to refer to Cheerleader's spoiled nature, So and So's book-smarts, What's Her Face's awkwardness or unpopularity, and The Ugly One's weirdness or lack of hygiene.
Issue Cheerleader So and So What's Her Face The Ugly One
Toons Menu hair products! plaid skirt! baggy clothes! drill team!
Issue 1 cheer! fashion sense! unpopular! hygiene?
Issue 2 growth spurt! school spirit! pity friend! psoriasis!
Issue 3 boy crazy! math crazy! whatev! actually crazy
Issue 4 cool parents! student council! shop lifting? prepaid lunch!
Issue 5 two piece! one piece! same clothes! three piece?!!
Issue 6 wants a pony wants a savings bond wants a new stepdad wants to be cheerleader
Issue 7 fattycakes! polite and boring! lice and more! boy or girl?
Issue 8 top 40 hits! hooked on classics! college radio! listens to pinebark!
Issue 9 backyard pool! library! 24 hour diner! parking deck?
Issue 10 groovy grapefruit pink viscious [sic] violent violet radacious bodadical razzberry blue gnarly nursing home green
Issue 11 cell phone! pager! rotary phone! geiger counter!
Issue 12 red undies! whitman's sampler! black roses! pink eye!
Issue 13 $15/hour!! N/A $4.75/hour! plain yogurt/hour!

  • Each time the Teen Girl Squad menu page loads, the girls say something different. The message on Cheerleader's shirt also changes. The possibilities are below.
Quote Cheerleader
THE UGLY ONE: teacher just called me "young man" solid
THE UGLY ONE: i'm in love with liquid paper. party
WHAT'S HER FACE: nothing is cool. hott
SO AND SO: on a roll with Honor Roll. rich
CHEERLEADER: you can't be popular AND smart 2
CHEERLEADER: lets have a boy/girl party! boy
  • The Ahnberg Hand font used for Strong Bad's handwriting contains a few European-style slashes, including lowercase 'q' which The Brothers Chaps have been known to "Americanize". However, they have not altered the European seven in the current TGS main menu.
  • The page title (T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!11) is Teen Girl Squadxorx!!!! in leetspeak.
  • So and So was originally referred to as Kristen in the first issue, with the name coming from the original suggestion. Shortly afterwards, though, she is called Kristina, making it clear that Strong Bad was already forgetting the names.
  • Different toons' back buttons link to different places. TGS 1-3 link back to the Toons page. TGS 4-7 link back to the TGS Menu. TGS 8-10 link back to the Toons list. TGS 11-12 link back to the TGS menu. TGS 13 links back to the Toons page again.

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