Strong Bad's Computer Malfunctioning

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Nearly every computer that Strong Bad has owned has malfunctioned at some point, and they have done so in some famously tragic ways, most often with a Flagrant System Error or by exploding (the latter ending the computer's run to be replaced by a newer, better, but still obsolete version).


[edit] System Errors

The System Error screen appears whenever Strong Bad's computer crashes. It is a direct reference to the blue screen of death that appears on Windows computers.

[edit] Flagrant System Error

"What the... Where did all my emails go?"

Computer: Compy 386

[edit] Computer Over Notification

"Computer over? Virus equals very yes? That's not a good prize!"

Computer: Compy 386

[edit] Flamboyant System Error

"Oh, great!"

Computer: Corpy NT6 (puppet variation)

[edit] Teal Screen of Near Death

Oh, Child!

Computer: Lappy 486

Oh, Child!
It's the Teal Screen
 of Near Death! (TSoND) 

[edit] Temp Log Off/Out Error

"Augh, gonna be a long one."

Computer: Corpy NT6

[edit] Fake Fragrant System Error

i joké

Computer: Compé

[edit] Strong Bad's Computers Exploding


Some of Strong Bad's computers are also known to explode, whether spontaneously or by outside forces. Probably the most famous of these explosions was the first explosion of the Tandy 400, which was later fixed (though it still had some malfunctions afterward).

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Miscellaneous Malfunctions

That is not a small number!

Strong Bad's computers often have various malfunctions, sometimes involving explosions or viruses.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email sisters — The Tandy spontaneously deletes Strong Bad's email, then saves another email when Strong Bad tries to delete it.
  • Email virus — The Compy refuses to delete the virus email, reports more than 400,000 viruses, then blue-screens before the contents of the screen pour onto the carpet.

[edit] The Paper

"wE haDd A goOd RUN, oLD buDddy."

Following 172 emails of service, The Paper and its printer fell from an unknown location above Strong Bad, breaking it as predicted in the email montage. After a few moments of reminiscing, Strong Bad burned the paper, in accordance with its last wishes. It was almost immediately replaced by an inkjet printer and the New Paper. The Paper came back in email thunder to beat up the New Paper, but since it got burned, its current fate is unknown. In hremail 3184, the Lappy's explosion destroyed one of the Papers, but it's unknown for sure which one.

[edit] Appearances

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