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Puppet Homestar and The Cheat
Puppet Stuff on the Toons Page

Puppet Stuff refers to live action video clips starring various characters as puppets, frequently featuring human guests. For example, the Puppet Jams feature the Homestar puppet rocking out with They Might Be Giants. The Cheat puppet used in some early clips was the Kick The Cheat plush doll that was for sale in the Store. The Homestar, Strong Bad, and regular The Cheat puppets, however, are one-of-a-kind items, created by Lucky Yates and Chris Brown.

Before the Post-Flash Site Update, when clicked in the Toons Menu, or on the main page (when they were on the "What's New?" button or with the Random Toon button) they would be shown over the top of the page. But now when clicked, they are shown on a separate page with a white background, except for Dangeresque: Puppet Squad, which is played in front of a spotlight background. The background used to be this image as a backdrop.


[edit] Characters

[edit] The Puppets

See main article: Puppet Character Variations

Characters from the two-dimensional world, appearing in puppet-form:

[edit] Real People

The real-world people who have interacted with the puppets:

[edit] Little Girls

[edit] Misc.

[edit] Puppet Stuff

[edit] Vs. Little Girl

[edit] Puppet Jam

[edit] Biz Cas Fri

[edit] Dangeresque: Puppet Squad

[edit] Other Puppet Stuff

Most Recent Toons
Big Toons

Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold
Dec 24, 2016


Front Facing
Feb 13, 2024


Fan 'Stumes 2023
Nov 22, 2023

Puppet Stuff

Talk-It-Yourself Homestar Runner Puppet Plush
May 21, 2024

Strong Bad Email

Apr 1, 2022

Video Stuff

Disk 4 of 12 - Vampire's Castle
Sep 19, 2022

Teen Girl Squad

Issue 15
May 11, 2009

Marzipan's Answering Machine

Version 17.2
Apr 1, 2016


Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate Launch Trailer
Aug 11, 2023

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