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This is a list of all the sketches from 2007.

Image Date Caption Description
schoolyard chums 13 Dec 2007 schoolyard chums School-age versions of Stinkoman and 1-Up (who has arms).
take it in stride 06 Dec 2007 take it in stride A sketch of Strong Bad running away from being stepped on by a long-legged Homestar Runner.
what you gone did? 29 Nov 2007 what you gone did? A sketch of The Jack 'Em Up Kid from the email yes, wrestling.
pom pom's house & car? 15 Nov 2007 pom pom's house & car? Sketches for possible designs of Pom Pom's house and car, which have a round shape and futuristic design to them. The house is on a cliff, while the car is open-topped and bubbles emerge from the tailpipe.
biz trip homestar 01 Nov 2007 biz trip homestar A balding, bespectacled Homestar Runner wearing a necktie and standing next to the text "how to earn big at winning living lawge." Sketched for business trip.
nebulon's dad? 25 Oct 2007 nebulon's dad? A sketched idea of what Nebulon's dad might look like.
worthwhile storyboard 18 Oct 2007 worthwhile storyboard Two panels of Homestar Runner ordering cool shades from Bubs. Possibly done for Cool Things. Text reads: "I look pretty good" and "i need some cool shades, bubs... bubs?".
free country usa 12 Oct 2007 free country usa A sketch of The King of Town's Castle, Homestar running in The Field with a giant Strong Bad looking down, Marzipan and The Cheat playing some kind of game, and Coach Z and Bubs talking at Bubs' Concession Stand.
pipestache and strongbones 04 Oct 2007 pipestache and strongbones A sketch of Strong Bad with a large mustache and bowler hat, smoking a pipe, and a sketch of Strong Bad's head above crossbones. The second sketch was eventually made into a sweatshirt.
smilin' homestars 27 Sept 2007 smilin' homestars Three sketches of Homestar Runner smiling, possibly made for the puppet toon in lackey.
ya'll biscuitheads 20 Sept 2007 ya'll biscuitheads Sketches of Peacey P. The caption refers to a quote of his from Teen Girl Squad Issue 13.
he got craiged. 13 Sept 2007 he got craiged. A bird's-eye view of Strong Bad exclaiming "I got craiged!"
ob- original bubs 06 Sept 2007 ob - original bubs Sketches of Original Bubs for original. The caption is a play on Ice-T's 1991 album OG: Original Gangster.
shoving right orf 30 Aug 2007 shoving right orf Coach Z sketched in the style of Popeye. "Coach Z's navy years" is written next to him.
ooh. AH! 23 Aug 2007 ooh. AH! Bubs working a meat grinder. Sketched for One Two, One Two.
eh! steve! for birdie 16 Aug 2007 eh! steve! for birdie Sketch of Eh! Steve! wearing a golf hat and taking a putt. Sketched for mini-golf.
sooo trogmopolitan 09 Aug 2007 sooo trogmopolitan A drawing of Trogdor in a bow tie holding a martini, saying "i say".
please stop feeding us 21 Jun 2007 please stop feeding us Sketched ideas for Tompkins's overfed Game Boy virtual pet from Teen Girl Squad Issue 13.
tgs 11 outtake 14 Jun 2007 tgs 11 outtake A sketch of an outtake from Teen Girl Squad Issue 11. Two of the Teen Girl Squad are on a boat in the Bering Sea, which is surrounded by the countries "Cold" and "Cold". One of the girls is saying "I'm a latitude snob." See also the week's Quote of the Week.
gutslap practice 07 Jun 2007 gutslap practice A sketch of Strong Sad slapping his belly and Coach Z listening in approval in the gymnasium, from One Two, One Two.
fightin' coach z's 24 May 2007 fightin' coach z's Sketches of an angry Coach Z in fighting stances. Sketched for One Two, One Two.
no sign of dan towelman 17 May 2007 no sign of dan towelman Sketch of Damp Towel Man from DNA Evidence.
connect the dots 11 May 2007 connect the dots Sketch of an alligator in a toilet, holding a piece of paper. Rejected idea for underlings.
sbemail 169 storyboard 03 May 2007 sbemail 169 storyboard A rough draft of the storyboard for Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene.
date nite the cheats 26 Apr 2007 date nite the cheats Ideas for The Cheat's costume for Date Nite, including a scarf and a beret in addition to his mustache.
rough copy rough drafts 19 Apr 2007 rough copy rough drafts A rough draft of Malinko's sketches from rough copy.
the schwasmith 12 Apr 2007 the schwasmith The Poopsmith wearing the schwa symbol. The schwa was referred to in the Strong Bad Email of that week, from work.
blaaah'm crack stuntman 05 Apr 2007 blaaah'm crack stuntman Sketches of Crack Stuntman. Caption is a quote from An Important Rap Song.
drive thrus 22 Mar 2007 drive thrus Other possible ideas for the drive-thru speaker in Drive-Thru besides a whale: a robot, a squirrel, and a fish.
teen track squad 15 Mar 2007 teen track squad Sketches of What's Her Face, The Ugly One, and So and So in track uniforms.
entirely untrue 08 Mar 2007 entirely untrue A picture of a vaguely bird-like character with the caption "the newest character in the ever-expanding homestar runner universe."
lacelift strong bad with cheatpelt ponytail 01 Mar 2007 lacelift strong bad with cheatpelt ponytail Strong Bad from looking old with a The Cheat-patterned ponytail and a T-shirt that says "HOTT".
melon headed babies 22 Feb 2007 melon headed babies Coach Z, The Poopsmith, and Strong Sad as babies, sketched for high school.
no handed style! 15 Feb 2007 no handed style! Homestar Runner doing a no handed push-up. The caption is a reference to the previous entry.
two handed style! 08 Feb 2007 two handed style! Strong Bad using both of his boxing glove hands to do a push-up. Possibly sketched for lady fan.
crushed by a cup of coffee 01 Feb 2007 crushed by a cup of coffee Homestar Runner being hit by a giant cup of coffee. The caption refers to the "raised by a cup of coffee" phrase from interview. His pose resembles the pose he has when hit by a safe in the Sketchbook comic.
zzzzziiiiiiiip! 18 Jan 2007 zzzzziiiiiiiip! Bubs presumably riding his conveyor belt, sketched for the chair.
fightgar in the whatsit 11 Jan 2007 fightgar in the whatsit Fightgar firing a sub-machine gun waist deep in what is referred to as the whatsit.
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