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This is a list of all the sketches from 2008.

Image Date Caption Description
action bubs! 11 Dec 2008 action bubs! Two drawings of Bubs, one of him skydiving and the other of him playing basketball.
undead sheep & plutis 20 Nov 2008 undead sheep & plutis A drawing of the Carnivorous Undead Sheep and Plutis in the Graveyard.
environmentally compliant compliance sticker 6 Nov 2008 environmentally compliant compliance sticker A sketch of an alternate version of the Lappy's energy-efficient sticker from environment.
bubs' new pants! 16 Oct 2008 bubs' new pants! A drawing of Bubs wearing big pants, with Coach Z jumping up in shock.
he's a whiffer! 26 Sep 2008 he's a whiffer! A strange drawing of Strong Bad hitting (or, if the caption is any indication, not hitting) a baseball while wearing a baseball hat that says "SB".
hideous pile strong bad 18 Sep 2008 hideous pile strong bad A strange drawing of a creature with a Strong Bad-like face, Mickey Mouse-like hands, small wings, and a small tail, holding a cup with a straw sticking out of it. "Hideous pile" is a reference to bike thief.
space captainchin 11 Sep 2008 space captainchin Space Captainface with a big chin.
gunhaver & fightgar human commandos 04 Sep 2008 gunhaver & fightgar human commandos Sketches of two human characters who dress similarly to Gunhaver and Fightgar. The cartoon Fan Costumes '09 features a fan dressed as this sketch of human Gunhaver, which Strong Bad remarks is "amazingly depressing".
scantron vs. mimeogwrath 28 Aug 2008 scantron vs. mimeogwrath A sketch of Scantron vs. MimeogWrath.
strong badmans 14 Aug 2008 strong badmans Two sketches of Strong Badman.
keystone capes 07 Aug 2008 keystone capes The Cheat, dressed as a Keystone Cop, is standing on one side of a wall while Homestar, dressed as a burglar and holding a large gem, stands on the other. The caption is an allusion to the Atari game Keystone Kapers.
hotbod handsomeface 31 Jul 2008 hotbod handsomeface An exaggerated Strong Bad makes his way to a slacks sale. The title refers to Teen Girl Squad Issue 10.
fat, fat friar 10 Jul 2008 fat, fat friar Sketch of the Fat, Fat Friar from Thy Dungeonman 3.
these men are dangerous 26 Jun 2008 these men are dangerous Picture of two faces: a man with a beard labeled "the far friend" and a man with mustache and glasses labeled "the low-ball kid".
poison rain vornado 19 Jun 2008 poison rain vornado A sketch of Stinkoman throwing Cheatball. Possibly sketched for trading cards.
dr. marvin rubdown 05 Jun 2008 dr. marvin rubdown A sketch of Strong Bad as Dr. Marvin Rubdown (wearing glasses) from love poems.
prof. strong bad hovers 22 May 2008 prof. strong bad hovers Strong Bad, wearing glasses and hair, drawn at a low, under-floor angle. Possibly sketched for love poems.
diaper biscuits!! 16 May 2008 diaper biscuits!! A sketch of Reynold, who appears to be exclaiming loudly, and Gunhaver, who is shielding his ears with some fiscal reports and a gun. The caption refers to Commandos in the Classroom.
you take the big guy 08 May 2008 You take the big guy Strong Bad and Homestar Runner as Dangeresque (wielding his nunchuck gun) and Dangeresque Too, in a scene from the digitally remastered director's cut of: Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, too? from the email dangeresque 3.
matt aseep on plane 02 May 2008 matt aseep on plane A sketch of Matt sleeping on a plane.
plucky parameciums 24 Apr 2008 plucky parameciums Concept art of Homestar and Strong Bad as paramecia from high school.
proposed stinkoman level 10 baddies 17 Apr 2008 proposed stinkoman level 10 baddies Sketches of possible enemies from the long-delayed tenth level of Stinkoman 20X6. The finished graphic of the enemy on the right was first shown in a @StrongBadActual Tweet on 8 September 2017 before being dubbed "Val Yancey" in its appearance in the final level in December 2020.
rejected commandos? 29 Mar 2008 rejected commandos? Four Cheat Commandos-like The Cheat sketches. In the top left, a Cheat with scars, a leather jacket, a chain sash and a mohawk. In the top right, a Cheat wearing a Pickelhaube and a shirt reading Bad Guy. In the bottom left, a Cheat with a clown wig, a bandolier of grenades, and a gun. In the bottom right, a Cheat with chest hair, earmuffs, a goatee and a big knife. They would show up in 8-Bit is Enough and Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 2 as The Topplegangers: Dryghost, Fudgeclank, Subtlefuge, and Swampslash.
cakemonger! 20 Mar 2008 cakemonger! A sketch of The Cheat as Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat from pet show.
awesome indeed 13 Mar 2008 awesome indeed A bizarre drawing of Strong Bad (with small eyes, visible nose and teeth, and freckles) yelling with his hands in his pockets, a tongue, and a dollar. As revealed in a @StrongBadActual Tweet from 11 Jan 2020, this was sketched on a brainstorm sheet of names for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The word "Awesome" in the lower left corner is part of the phrase "Strong Bad is Still Awesome", one proposed title.
best bubs worst bubs 07 Mar 2008 best bubs worst bubs A drawing of a shriveled-up Bubs next to a normal-looking Bubs with large bulbous arms. The thin Bubs has visible fingers and toes. Also, it is holding a bottle with a straw and lacks Bubs's characteristic body delineations.
puddin patch friends 28 Feb 2008 puddin patch friends A sketch of possible trademarked characters for Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch, including a stylized Strong Bad (holding a can in his right hand) with a fingered glove on his left hand, Dora the Explorer, and Homeschool Winner (holding a calculator). The title refers to Cabbage Patch Kids.
the cheat relatives? 14 Feb 2008 the cheat relatives? A sketch showing The Cheat, The Embezzlement, and The Counter Feit. Inspired by that week's Weekly Fanstuff.
questionable body hair 07 Feb 2008 questionable body hair A hairy version of Strong Mad.
gel-arshie 31 Jan 2008 gel-arshie A sketch of Gel-arshie from winter pool that appears to have been drawn on a dry-erase board.
buck webb & lady fan 24 Jan 2008 buck webb & lady fan Sketches of the "Buck Webb, Extraordinaire" comic that appeared in lady fan.
make sense time! 17 Jan 2008 make sense time! A picture of Homestar Runner as Teeg Dougland's hands (or possibly Teeg as Homestar's leg), as well as a sketch of Homestar running underwater with fish. Teeg has the word "POOH" on his shirt.
d'th'ween thupreme 10 Jan 2008 d'th'ween thupreme Decemberween'd version of the Thnikkaman as a giant (a la King Bubsgonzola Supreme).
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