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"I made some soup out of the rest of your family just last night! Isn't that great?"

Squirrels are yet another one of the many kinds of animals that appear or are mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email kids' bookStrong Bad edits the book by drawing a squirrel in the hands of a kid playing baseball, and changes the caption to make it say "Some people are squirrel-handed."
  • Fan Costume Commentary — Upon seeing an image of The Cheat carved into a pumpkin, Strong Bad guesses that the people who made the pumpkin had paid a squirrel to gnaw the image into it. He then said that it was a waste of money, and that the squirrels' rates were "pretendous".
  • Email old comics — In one panel of The Castlefunnies, a squirrel is shown running away with a bag of money.
  • A Folky TaleSaddy Dumpington tries to spread cheer to a squirrel by telling him that he eats squirrels all the time, and that he had recently made soup out of the rest of the squirrel's family. The squirrel then drops his acorn and cries.
  • Email pop-up — The inside cover of Strong Bad's pop-up book reads "From the libarry of D. Squirrel", and has a drawing of a dead squirrel.
  • Email retirement — When writing to the Bakery Thrift Store, Strong Bad sarcastically asks if he should start collecting roadkill squirrels, glue cotton balls to their butts and open an "Aftermarket Rabbit Thrift Store", and then concludes that he should.
  • Sketchbook — In the March 22, 2007 sketchbook, one of the designs for a possible drive-thru speaker is a squirrel holding an acorn.
  • Email magic trick — A magician in a book is shown holding a squirrel in his hand... only to shove it down his pants.
  • Strong Badia the FreeHomestar Runner mentions that there is a squirrel in his attic which he sometimes mistakes for a ghost.
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