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This is a list of all the sketches from 2005.

Image Date Caption Description
these are gross looking 08 Dec 2005 these are gross looking An old Coach Z and two old Bubses.
alternate sb float 25 Nov 2005 alternate sb float Another float for Strong Bad for Fall Float Parade.
hot 60's-looking girls? 17 Nov 2005 hot 60's-looking girls? Sketches, either of hot girls in the sixties or of hot "girls" in their sixties. The caption comes from the line in space program, "First Lieuteneral Captainface knows the true key to success is to have as many hot '60s-looking girls in your filmstrips as possible."
kot-z top 10 Nov 2005 kot-z top Drawings of The King of Town as a member of ZZ Top.
ryan 03 Nov 2005 ryan A rough drawing of Ryan Sterritt.
uh oh, maggot man sketches 27 Oct 2005 uh oh, maggot man sketches Sketches of Maggot Man from bedtime story.
potental hotgly ones 20 Oct 2005 potential hotgly ones Early sketches of The Ugly One's new hotness makeover in Teen Girl Squad Issue 10.
160 vlin 12, 17 at 26 06 Oct 2005 160 vlin 12, 17 at 26 A monochrome drawing of Homestar Runner on the Apple IIe. The title of the sketch is an Applesoft BASIC computer language statement. 160 is the line number of the command. It means draw a vertical line from point (26, 12) to point (26, 17) in BASIC's low-res 40x40 pixel graphics mode. This is the first "sketch" in the sketchbook to have more than 2 colors.
portly washboy 29 Sep 2005 portly washboy Sketches of the Portly Washboy Fancy Laundry Paste from radio.
22 Sep 2005 dreamaway johnny Strong Bad as Johnny, as seen in part-time job. (Easter egg)
pom pom's hypothetical family 15 Sep 2005 pom pom's hypothetical family Pom Pom's family, seen in Family Resemblence.
the count abides 08 Sep 2005 the count abides Sketches of Count Longardeaux. The caption references The Big Lebowski.
stinkotetsuo 01 Sep 2005 stinkotetsuo Stinkoman as Tetsuo from Akira (possibly sketched for 3 Times Halloween Funjob).
more weird snakes 25 Aug 2005 more weird snakes Drawings of weird snakes for A Folky Tale, accompanied by the word "FISCAL". ("FISCAL" also appeared on the whiteboard in Biz Cas Fri 2.)
matt just drew these 18 Aug 2005 matt just drew these Sketches of the severed heads of Homestar Runner, The Cheat and Strong Bad.
exag-a-homestar 11 Aug 2005 exag-a-homestar Exaggerated caricatures of Homestar Runner.
ilko concept art 04 Aug 2005 ilko concept art Early sketches of Ilko Skevüld from cheatday, also seen in the DVD Sketchbook video.
whiteboard wet cheat 21 Jul 2005 whiteboard wet cheat Drawing of a wet The Cheat from bottom 10, presumably on a whiteboard. This is the first sketchbook to have a color besides black and white.
matt's early homsars 07 Jul 2005 matt's early homsars Matt Chapman's early sketches of Homsar.
strong sad as mike shank 30 Jun 2005 strong sad as mike shank Strong Sad with long hair, a Hawaiian shirt, and a mustache, labeled "mike shank".
riddle me twice limolosers! 23 Jun 2005 riddle me twice limolosers! Sketches of Bozar from the Limozeen cartoon, "Limozeen: "but they're in space!"."
homstar runner 16 Jun 2005 homstar runner Sketches of a character halfway between Homsar and Homestar Runner.
aunt gert doodle 10 Jun 2005 aunt gert doodle A sketch of the Aunt Gert doll from garage sale on lined paper. Text beside it (mostly obscured by the edge of the image) reads:
en try to
a pacifier
be, but i can't in
blue laser was gonna be an ungurait?! 02 Jun 2005 blue laser was gonna be an ungurait?! Sketch of an Ungurait saying, "Crush the Cheat Commandos!!"
the new style 12 May 2005 the new style Sketches of Strong Bad and Homestar Runner in chunky 3D style.
fhqwhgads robot 28 Apr 2005 fhqwhgads robot Sketches of the Visor Robot.
but they're in space! 21 Apr 2005 but they're in space! Sketches of the Limozeen: "but they're in space!" show from best thing.
serpented!! 14 Apr 2005 serpented!! The Arrow'd Guy as some kind of serpent.
der cheat geist 31 Mar 2005 der cheat geist The Cheat as a ghost. "der cheat geist" is German for "The Cheat ghost."
stinkoman as just some dude 25 Mar 2005 stinkoman as just some dude A more realistic Stinkoman with an afro.
problematics 17 Mar 2005 problematics Strange pictures of Homsar, Homestar and Strong Sad as a Little People toy.
trogdor age 6. drawn by billy age 4. 10 Mar 2005 trogdor age 6. drawn by billy age 4. A poorly drawn Trogdor captioned "BURNATE!"
you jumped over some of my bubses. 27 Feb 2005 you jumped over some of my bubses. Sketches of Bubs. The caption refers to a line from mile.
'lectric boot sketches 17 Feb 2005 'lectric boot sketches Sketches of the 'Lectric Boots from extra plug.
this is a cheat-up! 10 Feb 2005 this is a cheat-up! nobody move! Strong Mad holding The Cheat.
won't replace strong bad 27 Jan 2005 will not be replacing strong bad any time soon A sketch of a very happy Strong Bad, labeled Wrestleman.
brotherly love 20 Jan 2005 brotherly love Sketches of "mike w/ moustache" and "matt after he's fired."
not approved!! 14 Jan 2005 not approved!! Early Balding Man (from Senor Mortgage) sketches.
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