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Larry b/w signature

Larry Palaroncini is the lead singer and front man of the glam metal band Limozeen.

Larry's singing style is typical of the genre, although the exaggerated vocal manner humorously extends to his everyday speech. Although he only contributes vocals to Limozeen, he has been seen pretending to play Gary's guitar or holding a Guitar Hero controller (even though he cannot pass the easiest song) "so he doesn't feel left out" compared to other band members.

Outside of music, his hobbies include playing an unnamed MMORPG, in which he is a member of a guild. His screen name is "ladeezluvlarry71" and he sometimes holds video chats with Strong Bad. Larry also appeared on the DVD commentary for coloring.

He is almost always played by Matt Chapman; while Matt voices the rest of the Palaroncinis in toons, Larry is the only band member he has consistently portrayed in live-action appearances. In Larry's first appearance, he (and the rest of the band) were portrayed by repurposed images of Donnie Chapman dressed as Vince Neil.

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