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Like Homestar Runner, Strong Bad has had his share of changes. He's "grown" a blue diamond and a silver V on his forehead and eventually lost his Mexican accent. His personality has changed significantly.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early design (right) July 1996 Instagram; @StrongBadActual N/A
This is the first Strong Bad design (AKA "Tiny-Handed Strong Bad"). 1996 Original Book; Super NES; Strumstar Hammer; flashback; Main Page 20; alternate universe; The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw; Halloween Safety (Easter egg); @StrongBadActual; Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold The original lizardlike design has been scrapped entirely, changing to a luchador-inspired design with boxing gloves.
The second design 1999 Marshmallow's Last Stand; Old Characters Page; personal favorites; His mouth is now flesh-colored, his eyes are green, a less circular shape, and have a gradient on them. The silver crest and blue diamond are now on his head, and he seems to have grown. His eyes seem to be inside his mask, not outside. He has blue (but sometimes black) pants, brighter colors, shading, and a belly button. He seems to be less lopsided. He has a thicker outline.
The third design 2000 Character Cards; The Reddest Radish His eyes are now back outside his head, his pants are a brighter blue, and he's shaded more brightly. He's lost his belly button and wears red shoes with white soles.
The fourth design 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest; Strong Libs; Yearbook Character Page (in picture), Email Processing Room (Silhouette); Hremail 7 His design is neater, his red has gotten darker, he now consistently wears black pants, and his shoes are bigger and are a different shape. His boxing gloves are bigger, his legs are closer together, there's more shading, and the outline has become thinner. His mouth's shape is different and symmetrical. His arms are wider and shorter. His eyes are rounder. Some of his colors are lighter. His silver crest is a different shape.
The fifth design 2000 Strong Bad Sings; Yearbook Character Page; Theme Song Video; Homestarloween Party; A Holiday Greeting; A Jorb Well Done; The Luau; Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True; all Strong Bad Emails from some kinda robot to halloweener; Main Pages 6, 7, 8 and 11; The House That Gave Sucky Treats; Some Stupid Turkey; Doomy Tales of the Macabre; "Post January 2003-2004 Compy 386 Scroll Button Songs" (remainder shading), 2001-January 2003 Tandy 400-Compy 386 Scroll Button Songs (except for the broken Tandy menu) The outline is colored and has gotten thinner, and his colors are brighter. The division between his boots and pants is now slanted, and his shoes are a different shape. His eyes, and by extension the black parts and the crest seem to have been moved down a little. Around this point, Strong Bad loses the "I'm the bad guy" role to more of a mean funny cool guy. His voice is still somewhat Hispanic, but to a lesser extent; the current Strong Bad voice is becoming more noticeable. His mouth has a very thin outline in this version. In Strong Bad Emails with this design, he also had shadings of his sixth design.
The sixth design. 2001 A Mother's Day Message; The Best Decemberween Ever; all Strong Bad Emails from brianrietta to extra plug (except anything); garage sale; 4 branches; The Cheat Theme Song; Where's The Cheat?; First Time Here?; Everybody to the Limit; Main Page 15; Homestar Talker; Pumpkin Carve-nival; A Decemberween Pageant; Decemberween Email Menu; The System is Down; Superbowl Dealie; Arcade Game; Revenge of the King; Lookin at a Thing in a Bag; Malloween Commercial; 3 Times Halloween Funjob; Sbemail 100 fakeout; Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon; New Boots; Cheat Commandos; Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes; Experimental Film; Halloween Fairstival; Post January 2003-2004 Compy 386 Scroll Button Songs He now has a reflection to his eye and much better shading. Around his chest, there is some reflection. The black in his mask turned to a lighter shade of gray. His mouth is shaded and his gloves now have the window reflection. By now, the Hispanic accent has, more or less, gone away and evolved into a much more relaxed voice that goes up and down in tone, unlike the previous ones which seemed to be a forced low-as-possible tone. His pants have a purplish shine and he has shrunk a little in proportion. His legs are now closer together and his arms are longer.
The seventh design. 2004 All Strong Bad Emails from montage to candy product; redesign; Main Pages 22 and 23; Homestar Presents: Presents; PAY PLUS!; The Li'l Brudder Show; Bug In Mouth Disease; Store Thank You Messages; Senorial Day; Happy Fireworks; Cool Things; TrogdorCon '97; Sick Day; Teen Girl Squad Issue 10; Strong Bad is a Bad Guy; Halloween Potion-ma-jig; Fall Float Parade; Happy Trogday; Career Day His head is bigger and his arms are higher up and shorter. His shoes are darker, a different shape and have different shading. The black on his face is slightly darker and takes up more space. His pants seem to have lost some of their purple shading. The diamond and V-shape are also more symmetrical to each other, though some toons and even a few emails retain the previous version's V-shape. Likewise, the shading on Strong Bad's boots and pants seems to drift from this version's style to the previous version and back. Where his boots meet his pants, they lose the angle that was in the previous design. In the sbemails, when his head bobs up and down, it tilts less. Around this point, Strong Bad's voice gets less monotonous in tone and expresses a much wider vocal range and by extension, is less tone-deaf.
This is the current design. 2006 Various toons from Sbemail 150?!? to current; all Strong Bad Emails starting with alternate universe; Main Page 24; 4 Gregs His eyes are closer together, making his face appear less flat. The eyes and V-shape are slightly different shapes. The black part of his mask is darker and bigger, and the shading is less prominent. There is less shading on the diamond. The purple shading on his pants still varies from toon to toon, and in some it is gray.

In some toons from I Killed Pom Pom onward, Strong Bad's mouth is more symmetrical.

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