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{{about|list of all scroll button songs}} {{for|DVD video featuring the first seventeen songs|Scroll Button Songs (video)}}

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This article is about the list of all scroll button songs. For the DVD video featuring the first seventeen songs, see Scroll Button Songs (video).

The Scroll Button Song (also referred to as Strong Bad Email raps) is the song that Strong Bad does on the Strong Bad Email menu page. The list is ordered from the newest at the top, to the oldest at the bottom. A collection of the scroll button songs (from "Oooh, fancy new scroll buttons" to "Huzzah, on the mic...") was included on strongbad_email.exe Disc One.


Song Time Featured Listen
You've never seen anything quite like these buttons! Come on, y'all, give me a little scroll lovin'! April 21, 2008 – Present
specially marked – Present
Oh, you are now scrollin' with the best! Scroll buttons put your mouse-clickin' finger to the test! November 27, 2007 – April 20, 2008
yes, wrestlingrated
{Music is playing} Control your scrolls. Click and hold with scroll buttons! Ungh... {Music ends} August 13, 2007 – November 26, 2007
mini-golfbusiness trip
Look around, I think you'll find that these buttons are the scrolling kind. January 22, 2007 – August 12, 2007
looking oldthe paper
I'm scrollin' up high, you're scrollin' down low. I'm always late for school 'cause your moms drive slow. Ooooooooooooh! July 10, 2006 – January 22, 2007
redesignwhat I want
Scroll buttons never looked so good! Scrollin' up and down like you knew they would... January 8, 2006 – July 10, 2006
Scroll buttons and random, you can't handle 'em! Just the way I planned 'em! Everybody likes... you... friend! September 12, 2005 – January 8, 2006
...and that's why I like to scroll with Scroll Buttons. June 6 – September 11, 2005
boring (really)
Scroll buttons and the Lappy, together at last. How you eva' learn to scriggy-scroll so fast? November 29, 2004 – June 5, 2005
animaldo over
S to the C, R O double L! My name is not Norman, but still I rock well!
November 8 – November 28, 2004
Huzzah, on the mic I'm droppin' scrollable science, and I'm scrollin' through the 'hood with my e-mail client. Huzzah! August 16 – November 7, 2004
other daysextra plug
Hold it. Control it. And buttons, come on, let's see you scroll it! April 20 – August 15, 2004
carfor kids
Dear scroll buttons, let's not mince words. I love you guys! March 16 – April 19, 2004
I keep my buttons on scroll and all the ladies in check, did you find the spare key to my apartment yet? Wha'. January 19 – March 15, 2004
the betdifferent town
The scroll, the scroll, the buttons, the buttons, scrolling so smooth like the butter on a muffin. November 25, 2003 – January 18, 2004
colonizationvideo games
Chew-a chew-a scroll buttons! Chew-a chew-a rock on! I got scroll buttons like the day is long! I got scroll buttons like the day is long! September 15 – November 24, 2003
kids' booklocal news
Scroll button, scroll button, one two, one two, and if you swing by my crib then I can scroll with you! August 4 – September 14, 2003
stunt doublekids' book
COACH Z: And if you're tryin' to fade me then ya must smoke crack!
STRONG BAD: Scroll buttons, oh yeah, like that heart attack.
May 19 – August 3, 2003
mascotstunt double
Once again it comes scrollin' back, scroll buttons get ill like a heart attack! March 31 – May 18, 2003
capercrazy cartoon
Scroll it out, just scroll it out, scroll buttons 2.0. January 20 – March 30, 2003
Scroll-a boTOnès! Unknown – January 19, 2003
Unknown – dragon
Keep on scrollin' on, my scriggities. Unknown
No link.
'Sup my scrollies? You guys are looking good. September 9, 2002 – Unknown
invisibility – Unknown
No link.
Scroll buttons. What is UP? July 29, 2002 – August 5, 2002 – September 8, 2002
property of onesvacation (& sb_email 22)
No link.
Scroll buttons.. you guys okay? July 8, 2002 – July 29, 2002
Ah, the scroll buttons and I have been through a lot together. Unknown – June 25, 2002
Unknown – gimmicks
No link.
Oooh, fancy new scroll buttons. March 4, 2002 – Unknown
band names – Unknown
No link.

Fun Facts


  • The August 13th, 2007 song is the only one to include instrumental music, and the button to whatever is playing the music can be heard being pressed at about the time Strong Bad hits enter on his computer.

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