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They Might Be Giants, 2001:

Hey, hovering sombrero, gently waving in the air above the meadow.

Hey everypeople, I'm HoveringSombrero. I absolutely love Homestar Runner. So much, it's almost unhealthy! (Just kidding, well, maybe.) It's my favourite web-series on the Internet (not that there's any competition.) You'll usually see me adding the newest Instagram posts and Tweets. Also I has a sandbox. If you need to talk to me, I suggest you do it on my talk page!

I came across Homestar in 2018, maybe? I overheard my mom showing my brother this weird video about some guy drawing a dragon. I was intrigued and then, I watched the toon myself, and loved it. That night, my entire family sat down and watched a bunch of Homestar cartoons on YouTube on the TV, such as techno, Everybody to the Limit, Fish Eye Lens. Then I kinda sorta became obsessed. I knew it was a website, but I wasn't really interested in that, because all those cartoons and sbemails were right there on YouTube (or so I thought.) Then in 2021, I decided to type "" into my computer and I came across the website, and I fell in love with not just the toons but the games, clickity-clickity easter eggs, and other fun things that could be only found on a website dot com!


[edit] Cartoon recommendation of the week whenever

Schedule = very no. (archive of all recommendations here.)

 Strong Bad Email #80: stunt double watch

[edit] My proudest moment

I have actually appeared on the website! What? Don’t believe me? I have bona-fide proof!

Also, I solved a crucial part of Gfdgsgxgzgdrc's 2023 April Fools' riddle as you probably noticed from my userboxes, and was awarded this ribbon by The Knights Who Say Ni:

[edit] Some of my biggest contributions

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[edit] Transcriptions

[edit] Images I have uploaded

[edit] Homestar quotes that have affected my dialect (in order of release...order)

[edit] My top 10 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Tandy 400 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Compy 386 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Lappy 486 sbemails

[edit] Other Internet people/channels I enjoy

[edit] Musical interests

This also includes fictional bands.

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