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They Might Be Giants, 2001:

Hey, hovering sombrero, gently waving in the air above the meadow.

Hey everypeople, I'm HoveringSombrero. I absolutely love Homestar Runner. So much, it's almost unhealthy! (Just kidding, well, maybe.) It's my favourite web-series on the Internet (not that there's any competition.) Some of my biggest contributions include fleshing out the Fan 'Stumes 2022 and Decemberweenvent Calendar pages, and replacing Decemberween Dangeresque with Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack on several pages, and I'm usually the one that adds the newest Instagram posts. Also I has a sandbox. If you need to talk to me, I suggest you do it on my talk page!

I came across Homestar in 2018, maybe? I overheard my mom showing my brother this weird video about some guy drawing a dragon. I was intrigued and then, I watched the toon myself, and loved it. That night, my entire family sat down and watched a bunch of Homestar cartoons on YouTube on the TV, such as techno, Everybody to the Limit, Fish Eye Lens. Then I kinda sorta became obsessed. I knew it was a website, but I wasn't really interested in that, because all those cartoons and sbemails were right there on YouTube (or so I thought.) Then in 2021, I decided to type "" into my computer and I came across the website, and I fell in love with not just the toons but the games, clickity-clickity easter eggs, and other fun things that could be only found on a website dot com!


[edit] Cartoon recommendation of the week

Updated every Saturday. (archive of all recommendations here.)

 Limozeen Live (practice) watch

[edit] My proudest moment

I have actually appeared on the website! What? Don’t believe me? I have bona-fide proof!

[edit] Homestar quotes that have affected my dialect (in order of release...order)

[edit] All the Big Toons Ranked from Worst to Best

[edit] All the Shorts Ranked from Best to Worst (including Powered By The Cheat toons)

its not done

[edit] My top 10 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Tandy 400 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Compy 386 sbemails

[edit] My top 5 Lappy 486 sbemails

[edit] Images I have uploaded

[edit] Other Internet people/channels I enjoy

[edit] Musical interests

This also includes fictional bands.

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