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This article is about the book. For the toon, see Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold.
"Flying, swimming, and racing" character variations

Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold! (alternately titled Homestar Runner and The Brothers Strong) is an unfinished book, a sequel to The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest. Created by Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel in September 1996, shortly after the first book, this story was never completed in paper form; the concept was later revisited as a Storybook World toon produced to commemorate Homestar Runner's 20th anniversary in 2016.

A glimpse at concepts from the book were shared in the Museum sketchbook. A collection of drawings feature Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and Mr. Bland (returning from Strongest Man in the World); Strong Mad (predating his appearance in Super NES); and several other unidentified characters (a robot, a man carrying a large propeller, and a winged fairy creature). In keeping with the sports competition theme common to early Homestar Runner entries, the sketches allude to athletics involving flying, swimming, or racing by way of the character's garb.

A reimagined and fully animated version of the book premiered in 2016 at the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows, released to on December 24 of that year. This toon additionally provided much more information about the contents of the unfinished book, including scans of its original script.

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The script tells the story of two teams — the All-Stars (The Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, and Mr. Bland) and a rival team of Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad (who is replaced by Dijjery Doo) — competing at the annual triathlon. Strong Mad wins the running event and Homestar wins the swimming event, leaving the teams tied going into the flying contest finale. Though The Sneak cripples Mr. Bland, Homestar recruits Strong Sad to join the All-Stars. Strong Sad leads the All-Stars to win the gold, happily becoming Strong Glad at the story's end.

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