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Teen Girl Squad Issue #10
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"Teen Girl Squad Tenthennial Extravaganza!"

The Teen Girl Squad celebrates The Ugly One's sweet someteenth birthday in 24 great-smelling colors!

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, A Mighty Warrior, Olympic Man, Coach, Wave o' Babies, Smiley Face Man, Henry Rollins, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas, Olda Boys, Quarterman, Possums, Visor Robot, Gift Exchange Lion, Hawaiian Guy, No I In Team Boy, The Dinosaur, Mrs. Commanderson, Scotsmen, Tompkins, Fatty, Intercom, Manolios Ugly One, Vultures, Trolls, Mr. Pitters, Learner's Permit Girl, Arrow'd Guy, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Strong Sad

Places: The Cafeteria, Olympic Race Track, The Ugly One's House, Giza, House of the Brothers Strong

Date: Monday, October 10, 2005

Running Time: 3:34

Page Title: Tenth Issue-versary!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1


[edit] Transcript

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: TEEN GIRL SQUAD: TENTHENNIAL EXTRAVAGANZA! In 24 Great-Smelling Colors! {the screen is filled with color} Cheerleader! {groovy grapefruit pink} So And So! {viscious violent violet} What's Her Face! {radacious bodadical razzberry blue!} The Ugly One! {gnarly nursing home green}

{The episode begins with Cheerleader, So And So, and What's Her Face sitting at a lunch table.}

CHEERLEADER: Lunchtime gals. Now let's get ready to eat...


SO AND SO: Eating lunch is for weirdos.

{The Ugly One walks onto the screen with a cafeteria tray piled high with corn in her hands.}

THE UGLY ONE: Holla grlfrndz. It's Corn and Corn Alone Day!

{The Ugly One places the plate of corn on the table. Cut to a close-up of the corn. A tiny samurai warrior carrying a naginata jumps out of the corn.}

A MIGHTY WARRIOR: Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!

THE UGLY ONE: So... who wants to come to my sweet someteen birthday bash tonight?

WHAT'S HER FACE: Is it going to be Nick-at-Night themed again?

SO AND SO: {slaps her forehead} I don't think I can stomach another show not on the WB.

CHEERLEADER: No! We can't come. We have... the... Olympics... tonight!

THE UGLY ONE: Oh, cuz it's a boy/girl party...

{Close-up of So And So and Cheerleader, both of whom look rather insane.}


WHAT'S HER FACE: Taking the vowels out of words doesn't always make them cool.

SO AND SO: 'm srry.

CHEERLEADER: {holds up a cell phone, from which "the olympics are sooooo dumb!" is coming} So, coach just called and said the Olympics are dumb. We'll be there like shareware!

{Cut (the music stops). A small man in a red hoodie labeled "coach" is standing next to a rather angry-looking burly man labeled "olympic man". Behind him is a banner that says "OLYMPIC RACE", and a cell phone identical to Cheerleader's is on the ground beside the coach.}

COACH: I don't know what they're talking about, I swear!

{Cut again to the Teen Girl Squad (music starts again).}

CHEERLEADER: Now, more than ever before, let's get ready to look....

CHEERLEADER, SO AND SO, WHAT'S HER FACE, THE UGLY ONE: SO GOOOD! {the camera does a 360-degree spin around the girls}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Whoa! That was about the coolest thing ever! Me gotta see that again.

{The cartoon rewinds and replays the 360-spin. The "SO GOOOD!" speech bubble has disappeared and doesn't return. At the end, however, What's Her Face is still spinning.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Uh-oh. We got a spinner.

WHAT'S HER FACE: Wheeeee! {the word slides to the right across the text bubble}

{A title slide entitled "AT THE PARTY" (imprinted on a cigarette, which a man is smoking) appears. Cut to the boy/girl party. Various characters from previous TGS episodes are attending. Pan right to reveal the TGS sans The Ugly One. What's Her Face is still spinning.}

CHEERLEADER: Alright, wallflowers, watch a professional at work... I'm fit to get makey outy all over those uppaclassmen.

{Cut to three Scots standing around a wooden barrel marked "XXX", holding froth-topped mugs.}




{Cheerleader walks in.}

CHEERLEADER: Any o'you boys wanna ditch this preschool party? I know of a couple HAWT junior college jams we could hit.

{One of the Scots throws Cheerleader away from them.}


{Cut to a spinning What's Her Face next to a table with a bowl of corn chips}

WHAT'S HER FACE: I really want... some of these chips.

{Dead Cheerleader falls at the feet of What's Her Face.}


SCOT: {off-screen} BAGH! Only 23 metres!

{Cut to the bowl of chips. The warrior jumps out of the chips.}

A MIGHTY WARRIOR: Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior!

{The samurai's naginata digs into What's Her Face as she rotates, and the upper half of What's Her Face's body falls off.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {grinding sound} LATHE'D!

WHAT'S HER FACE: Oww! I hope they have those corn chips in heaven!

{Cut to So And So and Tompkins, who is playing a Game Boy.}

SO AND SO: Say, Tompkins, Brett Bretterson and I are Splitsville, so I'm lookin for a little rebound action!

TOMPKINS: Hecks no! I got Bowser on the ropes!

{A Koopa shell comes out of the Game Boy and strikes So And So in the face.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {the word "pØwned!!" appears} Puh-owned! Or however you say that...

{Cut to The Ugly One's Father, standing at a microphone, speaking to the party crowd.}

MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: OK, party people, get ready to give it up for my little girl on her sweet someteenth birthday... and remember, if you're looking for low prices on used and broken electronics, don't forget... Manolios Ugly One's Lectro-Pawn!

TOMPKINS: {offscreen} p4wned! {said "peh-awned"}


{Cut to The Ugly One, wearing a red dress and looking much more attractive than before. The music is interrupted by a scratching-record sound.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Did I draw that new hotness?

THE UGLY ONE: Thanks for coming to my party everyone! Now let's get it on like Diddy Kong!

{The music starts back. All people at the party, including The Ugly One, begin dancing.}


{Arrow'd Guy appears on the screen, wearing a tuxedo and holding a diamond ring in a box. He has two spikes on his back, a bad case of razor burn, and what appears to be a mound of corn in his breast pocket.}

STRONG BAD: Wait a minute! Not this time, mister!

{Strong Bad places a new piece of paper on the screen, containing The Ugly One and a muscular Strong Bad in a construction helmet and blue pants. In the background are the Great Sphinx of Giza and two pyramids.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, why, hello, The Ugly One, you're looking so makey outy tonight.

THE UGLY ONE: Why thank you Sir Hotbod Handsomeface. So are you!

{Strong Bad and The Ugly One start making out. Cut to Strong Bad at his desk, making out with the paper of The Ugly One. Zoom out to a broader view of the desk, revealing Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat standing next to him, looking bewildered.}

STRONG BAD: Oh...mmm, not bad...oh, twice...



THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

{Strong Bad notices them, then quickly hides the paper.}

STRONG BAD: Oh! Uh, this is a piece of uh... pi- pizzaa-aaa...

{Strong Bad shoves most of the paper into his mouth.}

{Cut to a crumpled & salivated paper, with the "IT'S OVER" screen printed on it. A faint outline of the making-out scene on the reverse side of the paper is visible.}

STRONG BAD: {slightly muffled} IT'S OVER!

STRONG SAD: {off-screen} Uh, Strong Bad, were you just first-basin' it with that piece of loose-leaf?!

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the "O" to play a scene with Manolios Ugly One.
MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: So okay, guys. Come down and be shopping at Manolios Ugly One's Lectro-pawn! {"come down and see us" flashes on the screen.} I have a price on broken VCR, smashed tape, or something like that. I'll be over here yelling, Manolios Lectro-pawn! {he appears upside-down from the top of the screen} Manolios Lectro-pawn! Or something like that.
  • Click on the "!" to play a scene with the girls.
CHEERLEADER: It's our tenth issue-versary!!! Let's do a clip show!!!
SO AND SO: Let's have a wedding!!
THE UGLY ONE: Let's have a baby!!!
WHAT'S HER FACE: Let's kill someone off!
{A "splat" is heard, and Cheerleader's head is turned upside-down, but with one ponytail still coming out of the "top" of her head, with the other ponytail on her backside and her arms and legs swapped. So and So is squished by a giant golf ball. The Ugly One is eaten by a carnivorous plant. What's Her Face has a lampshade over her head.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "pØwned" is a variation of Internet slang meaning "owned". "Pwned" has numerous pronunciations, with popular ones including "owned" or "poned". Along the same lines, "P4wned" would also be leetspeak for "pawned" as in pawn shop.
  • The caber toss is a traditional Scottish sport, usually involving a log of specific weight. However, the remark "BAGH! Only 23 metres!" does not apply to the sport, for distance is not the object, rather how straight the throw is after it lands end-over-end.
  • A lathe is a tool used to create objects with cylindrical symmetry, such as table legs. It works by rotating the subject while a cutting or smoothing tool is applied, evenly removing material around its circumference.
  • Clip shows, weddings, new babies, and characters getting killed off are staples of anniversary episodes and are generally considered signs of a TV show jumping the shark. Such episodes also reprise characters and themes from the show as a whole (this issue features a great number of minor characters from previous issues). In the '60s, some shows, such as The Beverly Hillbillies, were thought to have jumped the shark when they made the switch from black and white to color.
  • The "Sweet Someteen" birthday is a play on sweet sixteen.
  • Shareware is generally software that an individual creates and allows users to download a trial version of for free. This version usually has limited features and/or a time limit on it that eventually requires the user to purchase the full version.
  • The 3 "X"'s on the beer barrel surrounded by the Scots are marks that once signified the thoroughness of distillation of moonshine, but now have come to be synonymous with any type of alcohol.

[edit] Trivia

  • This cartoon uses a higher frame rate than any of the other ones before (20 frames per second, where others are 12) due to the 3D sequence; this makes Strong Bad's makeout sequence and a few minor effects such as So and So's spinning eyes seem a little smoother than normal. In addition, the animation of the word "loading" (which has used the same number of frames since the second issue) appears on the screen (and, if necessary, repeats itself) more quickly than normal.
  • The music at the party is a dance mix version of the main Teen Girl Squad theme.
  • Until the release of Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, this toon had more characters in it than any other toon. To this day, it still has the largest number of on-screen characters.
  • This is the first time Strong Bad has been seen kissing something.
  • This toon, the 10th issue special, was released on October 10, or 10/10.
  • This is the first Teen Girl Squad issue to show the regular Homestar Runner universe (not counting the frame story in the email comic).
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "It's the Teen Girl Squad Tenthennial Extravaganza!"

[edit] Remarks

  • If The Ugly One's dad's name is Manolios Ugly One, then "Ugly One" is actually her surname; this calls to mind So and So's step-mom being named Mrs. So-and-so-erson, and What's Her Face possibly having the surname "Her Face" (in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5).
  • Even though it says in "24 great smelling colors", there are 43 colors.
  • Strong Bad drew the "It's Over!" page on the back of the making-out page (the latter can be seen reversed through the page, which is crumpled).
  • When Strong Bad places the paper of himself greeting The Ugly One over the ARROWED II page, the ARROWED page is faintly visible beneath it.
  • The speech balloons for the Mighty Warrior's first phrase, the Coach's phrase over the cellphone and "SO GOOD!" are opaque; the lines on the paper aren't visible inside them.
  • When Strong Bad says "It's over", it sounds like the making-out page is still in his mouth. However, "It's over" is written on the back of the same piece of paper.
  • If the Scotsman was able to toss Cheerleader 23 metres (about 75 feet), The Ugly One's party must be in a large room or outside.
  • The back button at the end of this comic leads to the Toons menu instead of the Teen Girl Squad menu.
  • So and So's pose in the beginning is different than in all the other episodes.
  • Strong Bad's impersonation of a Scotsman sounds more Irish than Scottish.
  • When Cheerleader and So and So remove the vowels from "A Boy-Girl Party", they remove the "Y" in "Boy", but not in "Party".
  • Bodadical is a portmanteau.
  • "Metre" is the Commonwealth spelling for "meter".

[edit] Goofs

  • "Vicious" is misspelled as "viscious" in So and So's description.
  • When Manolios says "give it up," his speech bubble says "give up." Yet on the DVD version, the word "it" is not omitted. Similarly, The Ugly One says "everyone" but her speech bubble says "everybody".
  • Near the end, in the "real life" scene, we see the "ARROWED II" paper on the desk. However, it is missing the "II".
  • In the Easter egg, when Manolios Ugly One is waving his arms around, a gap opens and closes repeatedly in his beard.
  • So and So's teeth are pink in her introductory shot.
  • After the first rotation, though not noticeable without zooming in, there is a line under What's Her Face's mouth.
  • Strong Bad's line to The Ugly One misplaces the apostrophe in "you're", instead spelling it "your'e".

[edit] Glitches

  • In the rotational scenes, Cheerleader's baby daddy floats off of her dress. This is probably because of a shortcut taken which involves decorations such as eyes rotating around spherical objects, such as heads. Masks are then added to cause the eyes to disappear when they leave the head area. Apparently The Brothers Chaps forgot to add this mask to Cheerleader's dress.

[edit] Inside References

  • "ARROWED II!" is a reference to "ARROWED!" in Teen Girl Squad Issue 1.
  • "Brett Bretterson" is So and So's imaginary boyfriend in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4.
  • The three Scotsmen saying, "ACHGH! ACHGH! ACHGH!" is a reference to Teen Girl Squad Issue 1, when three of the girls say "word" and "a'ight" in the same fashion. Also a similar occurrence in Issue 5 appears, with George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Henry Rollins all saying "woot" in sequence.
  • The barrel with three Xs is a reference to alcohol.
  • Kissing a piece of paper (which he claims to be pizza) is the closest Strong Bad has ever gotten to making out.
  • Strong Bad rewinding the scene creates an instance of reversed dialogue.

[edit] Real-World References

  • Nick at Nite (misspelled as "Night" in the toon) is a programming block of Nickelodeon that runs "classic" TV (which at the time included Cheers and The Cosby Show), while The WB (now The CW) was a network historically aimed at teens, with shows such as Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls. Ironically, many of the shows from the WB later made it to Nick at Nite.
  • Bowser and Diddy Kong are Nintendo characters. Bowser is the king of Koopas, which is why a Koopa shell hit So and So.
  • Tompkins is playing the original 1989 Game Boy model. Only two Mario games made for the original Game Boy, Yoshi's Cookie and Tetris Attack, featured Bowser, as they were both ported from other systems.
  • "ARROWED II! Electric..." is a reference to the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. It has become frequently referenced as an example of facetious follow-ups to popular films.
  • The "spinner" gag refers to glitches in physics simulation used in CGI animation, such as when certain objects fail to stop moving. Examples can be seen in the DVD special features of the computer-animated film Monsters, Inc.
  • Henry Rollins is colored bright red when he is shown socializing at the party. This is a reference to the make-up he wore in the video for The Rollins Band song called "Liar".
  • "Get it on like Diddy Kong" is a variant of the popular saying "It's on like Donkey Kong"
  • "24 great-smelling colors" refers to scented markers like the Mr. Sketch series.

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman)

MATT: Hey Mike, we just made this a couple weeks ago!

MIKE: Two weeks ago, Matt! Teen Girl Squad number ten!

MATT: We didn't know if we'd make it...

MIKE: We did.

MATT: So, there's a big deal— a lot of big deals in this Teen Girl Squad! There's colors...

MIKE: ...colors...

MATT: ...there's— there's three D's, in quotes...

MIKE: ...and lots of corn. And samurais.

MATT: I like this little samurai.

MIKE: He just sounds like old Strong Bad.

MATT: {laughs} Str— that's right. Strong Bad was a s—, a samurai. Not a wrestleman.

MIKE: I spelled Nick-at-Nite wrong there.

MATT: Did you? How'd you spell it?

MIKE: Oh, I spelled vicious earlier— wrong earlier too.

MATT: We should change that.

MIKE: Yeah. So when you're listening to this commentary, we're talking about some misspellings that aren't actually there!

MATT: Maybe! Depending on how lazy we are.

MIKE: Yeah, maybe we won't fix them.

MATT: Look at— I love the way Cheerleader looks right now. She's—

MIKE: I like the Ugly One's smile right there. She's got Marzipan's smile.

MATT: That is the single best moment of any cartoon we've ever made. Mike, I, I— we talked about—

MIKE: Ah, look at that!

MATT: That's sweet deal. I agree, Strong Bad. So, uh, we spent way too much time on that.

MIKE: Yeah. That was sort of the reason we why kept What's Her Face spinning there, was because we spent so much time on those, like, spinning animations that we wanted to, uh, get some more use out of it.

MATT: Just blomp it. Yeah.

MIKE: Look, here's all your favorite past TGS friends! Including Mrs. Commanderson!

MATT: And Henry Rollins from the liar video by Rollins band!

MIKE: Look, here's the techno remix of Teen Girl Squad theme song!

MATT: Yeah. That middle Scotsman looks kind of like our friend John. We really— and it looks kind of like a drawing that John would do, too. We later learned that that's wrong. The caber toss is not about distance.

MIKE: {simultaneously} It's not about distance.

MATT: It's about straightness.

MIKE: Yeah, I guess.

MATT: She's more can opener'd than lathe'd, there.

MIKE: Can opener'd maybe would have been better.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: Lathe'd is fine.

MATT: Tompkins is playing his really, really old Game Boy that weighed, like, five pounds.

MIKE: {simultaneously} Maybe he's playing Battletoads, maybe?

MATT: Ooh, Tecmobowl?

MIKE: I think those are the two games, we had. That and Tetris for— those and Tetris, for the—

MATT: Right.

MIKE: —old green Game Boys.

MATT: Uh, The Ugly One's dad is, um—

MIKE: —a slob!

MATT: {laughs} A fat slob!

MIKE: So, Manolios; Matt, tell everyone about Manolios!

MATT: Manolios! Uh, my wife and I went to Greece this summer and we got to take a ride on the Manolios boat around Santorini.

MIKE: And Matt didn't shut up about it for about a month afterwards, {incomprehensible}

MATT: It was— it was the best thing ever.

MIKE: Aw, look at Mr. Pitters!

MATT: Oh, he's got corn— he had corn in his pocket; I don't know if you noticed that, and he had some razor burn. Because he had to shave really quickly for the prom, and to ask The Ugly One to marry her at the prom, apparently.

MIKE: Oh, ooh, my!

MATT: That's— that's a little much, Strong Bad.

MIKE: Oh, look at this! Twenty frames, uh, a second animation instead of our usual twelve.

MATT: Yeah, it really throws everyone off.

MIKE: I kinda like it, uh, maybe I want to start doing some more stuff. It definitely took a lot longer.

MATT: Yeah. That's the problem.

MIKE: Roughly eighty percent longer!

MATT: {incomprehensible noise} {imitating Strong Sad} Loose leaf?

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Mike and Matt say that they made the toon two weeks before the recording of the commentary, suggesting it was recorded during the week starting with October 24.

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