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"That's Bupkis!"

Several characters have their own catch phrase. Perhaps the most well-known is Strong Bad's "Holy crap".


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Brainkrieg

[edit] Bubs

[edit] Cheat Commandos

[edit] Crack Stuntman

  • "Blah! I'm Crack Stuntman."

[edit] Dangeresque

[edit] Drive-Thru Whale

  • "Sever your leg, please, sir."

[edit] Eh! Steve!

  • "Eh! Steve!"

[edit] Homestar Runner

[edit] Homsar

  • "AaAaAaAa!"

[edit] Li'l Brudder

[edit] Marshie

[edit] Mr. Shmallow

[edit] Old-Timey Strong Bad

[edit] Peacey P

[edit] Saddy Dumpington

  • "Isn't that great?"

[edit] Space Captainface

[edit] Stinkoman

[edit] Strong Bad

[edit] Strong Sad

[edit] Teeg Dougland

  • "I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys."

[edit] Teen Girl Squad

[edit] The Homestar Runner

[edit] The King of Town

[edit] The Thnikkaman

[edit] Tompkins

[edit] See also

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