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"Psssshhh! The Double Deuce!"
The Single Deuce

The Double Deuce is a style of flipping someone off with both hands. First demonstrated by Strong Bad in the Strong Bad Email the bird, it was later introduced as the name of Stinkoman's primary attack technique. In order to perform a Double Deuce, Stinkoman strikes a dramatic pose and shouts "Double Deuce!", causing his gloves to glow and creating an energy disturbance around him.

There are a few variants, such as the Single Deuce, the one-handed version which Pom Pom prefers; the Vacation Deuce, which apparently has something to do with going on vacation; the Crossèd Deuce, which involves crossing the arms; and the Invisible Flair Deuce, which is may be done with no visible arms while wearing pieces of flair (or pins), hence the name. The Double Deuce and its variants can be used to rid oneself of the office dullard or those seeking a challenge or perhaps some fighting.

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