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The industry secret!
Matt demonstrating the use of the "Old-Timey filter"

Sample of Style

Mike and Matt Chapman give a 110% true, behind the scenes look on how Matt does the characters' voices. Seriously!

Cast (in order of appearance): Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman

Running Time: 4:12

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Three


[edit] Transcript

{A title screen reading simply "Sample of Style" appears. Cut to Mike standing in a doorway}

MIKE: Hi. {catches a football tossed at him} I'm Mike Chapman from People are all the time asking me, "Mike, how do you do those stupid voices for your dumb animal characters?" and I say, "I'm Mike! Matt does the voices!" Let's go!

{cut to outside a closed wooden door. Mike looks at the camera and nods knowingly, then knocks on the door}

MIKE: Hey, Matt! It's Mike!

{Some noise from inside can be heard. Mike opens the door and Matt makes some weird sound effects into a microphone. Nearby are some keyboards and computer equipment.}

MIKE: Cut!

{Matt now notices Mike, and stands up.}

MATT: Hey!

MIKE: Hey, I was just telling the guys how you do the voices for

MATT: Oh yeah! The website!

MIKE: Yeah!

{Mike tosses the football to Matt, who catches it. The camera starts to follow Matt as he walks to the right}

MATT: Yeah! Uh, well, you know, it's kind of an industry secret, so we keep them here under lock and key. Uh, let me just—do you have the key, Mike?

MIKE: Yeah.

{Mike gives Matt a key, and Matt "unlocks" a cabinet door (or rather, makes a sound effect implying it's been unlocked). The camera angle shifts so that it's behind Mike and Matt, showing wire boxes full of material, an old Compy 386-style computer on top of the cabinet, and a huge cork board with hair metal band photos on it. Matt produces a briefcase from inside the cabinet and sets it on top}

MATT: So here it is.

{The camera cuts closer to the briefcase. Matt opens it to reveal cardboard tubes with the names of the characters written on them. Matt takes one out labeled "Homestar Runner"}

MATT: Hey, Mike. {starts talking into it, the Homestar voice comes out} Oh hello, Mike! Check me out!

MIKE: Easy there, Homestar!

MATT: Hahaha, {suddenly shifts tone to dead seriousness} stop the camera.

{The camera cuts now to Mike, then pans back to Matt}

MIKE: So if that's how you do Homestar Runner, how about the King of Town?

MATT: Good question, Mike. {takes out the cardboard tube labeled The King of Town} The King of Town is a little more difficult. I have to employ a little of this strategy... {Matt puts the tube up to his mouth and one hand on the other end of the tube to act as a mute. The King of Town voice comes out} Dooooo hoo hoooo! I'm so hungry! I want a lot of food items!

MIKE: {just off-camera} Wow, that's impressive. {camera puts him back in frame} The King likes food, doesn't he?

{Matt laughs a little. Cut to Matt sitting at his computer workstation. Coach Z and Strong Mad are on the screen. Matt hits a button the keyboard, puts a Coach Z cardboard tube up to his mouth, and turns to the microphone}

MATT: {Coach Z voice} Hey Strong Mad, you're doin' a great joraerb there! {quickly switches the tube out for a Strong Mad tube, producing the Strong Mad voice} I DON'T HAVE A JOB! {switch} I say ya done a groot joob! {switch} YOU'RE A GROOT JOOB! {switch} Björn Borg! {switch} RAAAAH! {switch} Where's th—{switch} RAAAH! {switch} fjords? {switch} RAAAAHHH!

{Cut to Mike, who is standing by the briefcase}

MIKE: That's great for you, Matt, {takes a cardboard tube labeled "Strong Bad"} but what happens if I use one of these things? {puts the tube up to his mouth, and the Powered By The Cheat version of Strong Bad comes out} I think this is sounding pretty good.

{Mike puts the tube down, and grabs the King of Town cardboard tube to put up to his mouth}

MIKE: {Powered by the Cheat KoT} I'm the King of Town!

{Mike grabs the Strong Mad and Homsar tubes, puts them end to end, and produces an awful racket before pulling them away from his lips}

MIKE: What happened?

{Cut to Mike leaning on a stacked-up amp}

MATT: {offscreen} I was really, really unhappy with what you did. I—I thought it was terrible.

MIKE: I didn't do it.

{Cut to Mike sitting on the cabinet}

MIKE: Now this one REALLY creeps me out!

{Pan to Matt at the computer workstation, wearing Missy's glasses and headphones resembling a hairband, and speaking into a Marzipan tube}

MATT: {Marzipan voice} And then I went to the store, and then I punched somebody in the face, and then I picked a flower, and then... I did something else and then I blew my nose.

{Cut back to Mike leaning on the amps. He now has a white phone in his shirt's breast pocket. Mike makes a fake ringing noise, and "answers" the phone}

MIKE: Hello?

{The phone really starts ringing. Matt and Mike start laughing. The frame "jumps"}

MIKE: Hey Matt, some trucker wants to know how you do the voices for those terrible old-timey cartoons you're always making.

{The camera pans to Matt}

MATT: Ohhh, that's a great question, Mike. What we had to do with THAT was jury-rig a little sample of style. {grabs a styrofoam cup with "Old Timey Filter" written on it.} Take a simple voice like, say, Strong Bad {takes the Strong Bad tube from the briefcase} and add the Old Timey Filter onto it. {Matt holds the cup to the end of the tube} Let's see what we get. {Matt starts speaking into the tube, producing Old-Timey Strong Bad} I'll give you old-timey, you mountebank!

MIKE: Excuse me?

{Matt starts laughing evilly}

MIKE: Fresh!

{Matt keeps laughing, until finally Mike tackles him}

MATT: Oh, I'm sorry, Mike!

{Cut to Mike looking around confusedly. The Cheat noises are heard being made}

MIKE: Where is that coming from?

{More The Cheat noises. Mike looks over to the side, and the camera focuses on what he looked at; a Kick the Cheat doll.}

MIKE: What?

{The Cheat noises}

MIKE: {poking the doll} Are you talking, little guy?

{More The Cheat noises. Mike looks behind him}

MIKE: Oh, Matt!

{Camera pans to Matt, holding up a short cardboard tube with The Cheat written on it, and making more The Cheat noises. Cut to Matt holding up what appears to be two cardboard tubes end to end.}

MATT: OK, ready!

{The camera zooms out, showing that Mike is helping hold up more, so it looks like all of the tubes have been combined into one big mega tube. Matt speaks into the tube}

MATT: {Stinkoman voice} DOUBLE DEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- {runs out of breath} gah!

MIKE: I want to do another one, Matt!

MATT: Nah, that's all the time we've got for today, Mike.

MIKE: No, seriously!

{Matt and Mike start scuffling over one of the tubes, resulting in the tube becoming mangled. It's then shown that it was labeled "Bubs". Matt gasps, then turns to Mike, angered.}

MATT: Great. Now we have to kill off Bubs. Just like Homeschool Winner.

{Matt throws the mangled tube at Mike angrily, hitting him}

MATT: I'm outta here.

{Matt walks off in a huff. Mike picks up the mangled tube and talks into it}

MIKE: {Powered by The Cheat Bubs} My name's Bubs! This is my regulah voice! {stops talking into it and shrugs} Sounds good to me.

{The screen fades to a cartoon tombstone, reading as follows:}

"That'll be five dollars."

"That'll be
five dollars."

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The character voices were accomplished by overdubbing the character dialogue later.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • This is a live action video.
  • When seen in the suitcase, there are no tubes for Marzipan or The Cheat, although both tubes are seen later on.

[edit] Inside References

  • The line "That'll be five dollars" was used in pom pom.
  • The tombstone at the end is a reference to the end of replacement.
  • The sound Matt is making as Mike comes in sounds like the sound Homestar makes when putting the toothpicks and olives in the Homestar Jr. sandwich, in the toon Where's The Cheat?.
  • This video has examples of poor acting.
  • Mike uses the phrase "all the time".

[edit] Real-World References

  • Björn Borg is a famous Swedish tennis player, most well known for defeating John McEnroe to win the 1980 Wimbledon Cup.
  • People catching footballs after a greeting is a common theme with football players in TV commercials.

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