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The different costumes of Homestar Runner.


[edit] Dressed as Other Characters

Image Costume Seen in
Strong Bad
(Halloween Costume)
Email halloweener
Strong Sad Email impression, Fan Costumes 2016
Poppy the Tire Email theme park, On Break
The Cheat Email do over
Bubs's "own flesh and blood" Senorial Day
Himself Trogdor Con '97
Crack Stuntman Email specially marked, @StrongBadActual
Coach Z Email email thunder

[edit] Main Page Costumes

Image Costume Seen in
An astronaut Main Page 1
Lederhosen Main Page 2, In Search of the Yello Dello, Email original
A tourist Main Page 3
A bowler Main Page 4
Server at a diner Main Page 5
An angel Main Page 6
A zombie Main Page 7
A newscaster Main Page 11
"Uncle Sam" hat Main Page 12
Nakers!!! Main Page 14, Email halloweener, In Search of the Yello Dello (deleted scene 2), Homestar Presents: Presents, First Time Here?, Homestar Ruiner
Wearing a Charlie Brown-esque winter hat with earflaps and orange scarf Main Page 16
With The Homestar Runner's body Main Page 22, Email virus
Peacey P shirt Main Page 24
Fila shirt Main Page 24

[edit] Sport Costumes

Image Costume Seen in
Swimming outfit Theme Song Video, Email keep cool
An Ice Skater Theme Song Video
A Soap Box Racer Theme Song Video
Boston Bruins jersey Superbowl Dealie
With helmet and kneepads Email monster truck
The Karate Kid Email montage
With a green singlet, pink legwarmers, and a headset Email lady fan, Strongest Man in the World
With yellow cricket helmet Decemberween Short Shorts
A Strong BadAthlete Email strong badathlon
Team Kneepads Jersey #15 Email the paper, Coach Z's 110%
Jack 'Em Up Kid Email yes, wrestling
Baseball glove and backwards hat Play Date

[edit] Homestar Runner's Sleepwear

Image Costume Seen in
Dressing gown, blue Homestar Runner T-shirt, and bunny slippers Email caper, PAY PLUS!, Store Thank You Messages, Email email thunder
Beat It keyboard T-shirt and bunny slippers Homestar Presents: Presents, Email slumber party, Hremail 49
Dressing gown, I TOXIC WASTE T-shirt, and bunny slippers Email secret identity
Dressing gown, Spinal Tap T-shirt, and Nebulon slippers Weclome Back
Dressing gown, Roddy Piper T-shirt, and Nebulon slippers Email nightlife
Dressing gown, Mumford Phys. Ed. Dept. T-shirt from Beverly Hills Cop Email dictionary

[edit] Miscellaneous Costumes

Image Costume Seen in
Hatless Where My Hat is At?, The King of Town DVD, Email super powers, Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Starless Marshmallow's Last Stand, Email different town
An explorer In Search of the Yello Dello
An explorer In Search of the Yello Dello Theatrical Trailer
A Minstrel Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True
Academic A Jorb Well Done, The King of Town DVD
Charlie Brown-esque brown hat The Best Decemberween Ever, Homestar Presents: Presents, Winter Store (Easter egg)
A clown First Time Here?
A sailor First Time Here?
A witch First Time Here?, Homestar vs. Little Girl 2
The Jolly Dumple Email mascot, Email 4 Branches, On Break
Fake arms Email fingers
Strong Badian Forefather Email colonization, Hremail 62
"Col-on-el" Homestar Email army, Labor Dabor, Email more armies, Strong Badia the Free
With cool shades Email the bet, Bug in Mouth Disease
A scientist Email stupid stuff
Duckie Shirt Email flashback, Main Page 20, Main Page 24, The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
The Office Dullard (various polo shirts) Email other days, Biz Cas Fri 1, Biz Cas Fri 2, Biz Cas Fri 3, Email cliffhangers, Email from work
"The #1" shirt Email montage
With Daisy Dukes Email long pants, Email email thunder
Dressed up for Halloween Halloween Intro
With a sweater over his head Email space program
With corn flakes on his face Email death metal
With a red chef's hat with googly eyes and an apron. Email narrator, Homestar Ruiner
Bunmaker Email disconnected
Burglar Email candy product
Desire Man Sbemail 150?!?
In a tuxedo Email senior prom
The Prom King Email senior prom
With a headset Email isp, Baddest of the Bands
A waiter Summer Short Shorts, Date Nite
A Construction worker No Hands On Deck!
Covered with sticky notes Email trading cards
Wearing his L.U.R.N. uniform Email coloring, Career Day
A newsboy Happy Hallow-day
A bad boyfriend Email 4 branches
White shirt Email strong badathlon
With a horned helmet Flashforward, Email the movies, Ever and More, Email dictionary (Easter egg)
Wearing a black suit, tie and hat Email your funeral
In a hat and trench coat DNA Evidence, @StrongBadActual
First mate in the USS Flirtini Date Nite
Wrapped up by The Paper. Email the paper
Wearing a snorkeling mask and covered with blue dye. Email mini-golf, Where My Hat Is At? (toon) (without blue dye)
As John from Embarrassing Educational Films Email hygiene
Mountie Email original
Poncho and sombrero Email original
Cold weather police officer Email original
Dashiki Email original
Image:HR college student.PNG College student Email bike thief
Trash can Email bike thief
The Pizz employee Email pizza joint
Wearing several lanyards Email business trip
On a leash Email pet show
With shards of glass in his face Email licensed
Blubb-O's server Blubb-O's Commercial
Brown wig SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer
Image:HomestarBlackSweater.png Black turtleneck sweater with a striped star on it. Email love poems
Doctor Marvin Rubdown, wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a striped star on it. Email love poems
Fake arms and a box Email magic trick
Bandage on head Play Date
Bandage and icepack on head Play Date
Body cast and wheelchair Play Date
Helmet A Death Defying Decemberween
A sweater, white shirt, blue tie and pipe A Death Defying Decemberween
Both his helmet and sweater A Death Defying Decemberween
"A French long-jump champion with eight wooden legs" Donut Unto Others
Wearing a blue Garrison Cap Donut Unto Others
Wearing a monocle Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Wearing a newsboy hat Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Wearing a sweater made out of mistletoe A Decemberween Mackerel
Wearing a fig leaf April Fool 2014
Wearing a fake beard, suit, hat, and a Windows 98 microphone. April Fool 2014
Wearing a Dixieland outfit Fish Eye Lens
Wearing an "I'M WITH PROV" shirt Dad's Garage & Friends - 11 Jul 2014, Dad's Garage & Friends - 13 Jun 2015
With a polo shirt, headset, and cinnamon on his face, saying "tertiary" with the Cardgage curse Email too cool
As an Aquabat The Aquabats Super Show Kickstarter
Wearing an apron, goggles, and a clothespin on his chin Email parenting
Wearing a jacket and holding a smartphone and a hot jones Email parenting
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