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Ridiculously cute
Still cute three years later
As a baby

Little Girl (real name Arwyn) is a child who interacts with puppet Homestar Runner characters in various puppet shorts. Homestar Runner occasionally has trouble understanding some words (e.g., misinterpreting the word "presents" as "breakfasts"). Strong Bad does not have this problem as much, but seems annoyed or confused at times, as opposed to Homestar who enjoys their time together (except when having pain inflicted upon him). The Cheat has the worst time, getting tossed away after being held for a bit in Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!.

Arwyn (born December 1, 2000), whose uncles are The Brothers Chaps and whose mother is Karen Wagner, first appeared as a baby in the secret page Matt Cake and was also featured in If I Ran the Camera, in cartoon form. Karen and The Brothers Chaps often discuss Arwyn's reactions to Homestar Runner cartoons in DVD commentaries. According to the commentary for car, the nicknames Graw Mad for Strong Mad and Gron Sad for Strong Sad originated with the way Arwyn pronounced their names.

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