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Great for Graw Mad

Strong Bad often gives Strong Mad the nickname Graw Mad. According to the commentary for the email car, this is how Little Girl pronounced Strong Mad's name at the time.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email the facts — Strong Bad claims to cherish "brother Graw Mad", but does not want him to have his own television show.
  • Email invisibility (commentary) — Matt calls Strong Mad "Graw Mad" when he sits on Strong Bad.
  • Sketchbook (Video) — Mike points out a sketch of Strong Mad chewing something, calling him "Graw Mad".
  • Weekly Fanstuff — The March 31, 2005 item is a dresser painted to look like Strong Mad and is labelled "Graw Mad Dresser".
  • Email garage saleThe Cloitsterizer is labelled "Great For Graw Mad".
  • Email keep cool — A Strong Mad standee during the explanation of what's not Strong Badia is labelled "Graw Mad".
  • Kick-A-Ball — Strong Bad calls Strong Mad "Graw Mad" while picking teams.
  • @strongbadactual (Instagram) — Strong Bad once again refers to Strong Mad as Graw Mad.
  • @StrongBadActual — Strong Bad says that "brother Graw Mad is inconsolable over the loss of MS Paint".

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