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==Other Stuff==
==Other Stuff==
[[Image:Wikistress3D 5 v3.jpg|left|thumb|AP PHYSICS IS @#&!ING HARD!!!!]][[Image:pull_my_finger_sam.jpg|right|thumb|PULL MY FINGER!!!]]
[[Image:Wikistress3D 3 v3.jpg|left|thumb|Since when are we supposed to learn 2-3 weeks of Chem in 2 hours?]][[Image:pull_my_finger_sam.jpg|right|thumb|PULL MY FINGER!!!]]
[[Image:fanstuff cake.jpg|thumb|For decoding one of [[User:Dacheatbot|Dacheatbot]]'s binary strings!]]
[[Image:fanstuff cake.jpg|thumb|For decoding one of [[User:Dacheatbot|Dacheatbot]]'s binary strings!]]
[[Image:SomeAward.PNG|thumb|For identifying 9 quotes and 3 dialogues for [[User:SamFisher1022|SamFisher1022]]!]]
[[Image:SomeAward.PNG|thumb|For identifying 9 quotes and 3 dialogues for [[User:SamFisher1022|SamFisher1022]]!]]

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The Facts

Favorite email: the paper (so epic! so tragic! so heunh heownh heunh heownh vvvvvt eangt clonk-a-donk-ic!)

Favorite toon: DNA Evidence

Favorite Homestar game: Stinkoman

Favorite non-Homestar game: The World Ends With You If you have a DS, then I recommend that you get this.

Favorite characters: Homestar, Strong Bad

Favorite non-Homestar Flash cartoon: The Demented Cartoon Movie!
Warning: This is a waste of 32 minutes of your time.

Page Creations

I started Nondescript Nouns and the ending of death metal. I also added and edited some image descriptions to Happy Trogday.

Favorite Characters

Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and Homsar.

Favorite Quotes

"This is the first Decemberween ever!" Homestar, A Decemberween Pageant

"I might even say it was a negative challenge!" Stinkoman, Level -0

"Alms for the pudgy, alms for the pudgy!" Homsar, Homestar Presents: Presents

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Other Stuff

Since when are we supposed to learn 2-3 weeks of Chem in 2 hours?
For decoding one of Dacheatbot's binary strings!
For identifying 9 quotes and 3 dialogues for SamFisher1022!

Einstein runner (thorax.pngfile_icon.gifmail_icon.gif)

I want to eat your soul!!!

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