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These are some remarks regarding the Stinkoman 20X6 game.


[edit] General

  • In many cutscenes, the pixels will be at an angle, which, assuming that the large squares are the supposed pixels, is impossible on old consoles.
  • The box art of Stinkoman 20X6 shows Stinkoman with thumbs, but when Strong Bad was imagining Stinkoman in japanese cartoon, he specifically said to take out his thumbs. This may be a reference to unrealistic box art.
  • This is the second instance of sprites modeled after 8-bit Megaman, the first instance being with Coach Z in New Boots.
  • To get capsules that are behind enemies without having to kill the enemy, run into the enemy with health to spare. You will take damage, grab the crunch and will be invincible long enough to escape unharmed.
  • This is the first new game not to use some sort of scoring system.
  • There are three kinds of ladders used in the game: ladders with small rungs (1.1, 1.2, 5.2), ladders with large rungs (2.1, 2.2, 5.1, 6.1), and ladders with duck rungs (-0.1, -0.2).
  • If you type in the URL for volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, for a split second the page title will say "Old Stinkoman Game Page R.I.P.", then it will take you to the current one.
  • All of the voice clips in the game have been taken from previous 20X6 toons and sped up. (Specifically "20X6!", "Are you asking for a challenge?", Stinkoman's victory laugh, and "I wanna be the guy too!")
  • If you look closely, the main page takes you to the page for Version 2 of the game, which is set to redirect you to the page for the current version.
  • In the Game Over screen, Stinkoman and 1-Up have green tongues, but in the cutscenes, they have red tongues. However, the green tongues are probably a result of losing the game, based on the quotes "My stummy hurts..." and "My tongue is green..." in the Game Over screens.
  • In the cutscenes, neither Stinkoman nor 1-Up actually walk; instead, they "float" without moving their legs to maneuver.

[edit] Levels 1 to 3

  • In Level 2.3, Brody shrieks when he tries to peck Stinkoman. Ekersby shrieks in a similar manner when he raises his arms.
  • The background music in the cutscene of level 1.1 is the same as the background music in the level 3.1 cutscene.
  • The Stinkomanual drawing of Stlunko shows him with arms, but in the game, his fists are just floating.
  • When Stinkoman collects 10 pieces of bread in level 3.2, even if you are not on Stlunko's left, you end up there no matter what.

[edit] Level 4

  • On 4.1 and 4.2, Stinkoman can actually fall down in certain spots to join 1-Up, but you will eventually lose because there will be no one to jump on the tiles.
  • In Level 4, when Stinkoman is facing to the right, his giant fist powerup is a left hand, but when he turns around, the fingers are still facing the player, so it turns into a right hand. This "sprite mirroring" is common in older games to conserve memory. A notable exception is Metroid, in which Samus is always left-handed.
  • When 1-Up falls into lava (usually when a platform is not in the right position), the screen pans to the right for a little bit before losing the life.
    • Stinkoman can also fall through lava without getting hurt. However, like with 1-Up, it functions as a bottomless pit.
  • The 1-Up sprites in Level 4 are slightly different from the ones in Level 5; they were not reused, as the Stinkoman ones are.
  • "Saargtsson" is an Icelandic surname, meaning "Saargt's son".

[edit] Levels 5 to 7

  • Before Level 4, 1-Up says he is taking a short cut. Before level 5, he and Stinkoman are back at Stinkoman Headquarters. Therefore, the "short cut" didn't go anywhere.
  • Stinkoman breaks the fourth wall by saying (in 5.1's cutscene) "No way! I helped you in Level 4!"
    • He does it again at the end of Level -0 by saying that 1-Up and Pan Pan "are on Level 10".
  • The head of the silhouette at the end of Levels 5 and 6 and beginning of 7 and -0 appears to match the head of 20X6 Coach Z in the Games menu.
  • The meteors in Level 5 cause the game to lag for a split second when they crash. This may be done on purpose to emulate how easy it is to put stress on older game systems.
  • At the end of level 7.2, if you jump right when you see the retractable ladder, you can shoot An Ice Machine before the battle starts.
  • There is no cutscene before level 7.3, the boss battle with An Ice Machine.

[edit] Levels -0 and 9

  • It is possible to get infinite extra lives in level -0.2. Since there are two extra lives available, once you get both, you can die and start over, gaining one more for each time.
  • The music for levels -0.1 and -0.2 contains portions of the music from the previous levels - the intro from level 1, then level 5, 2, 4, both 4 and 1 played at the same time, quite a bit of 6 (with a few notes changed), then another riff from Level 6 (albeit slightly slowed down) to tie it into the next repeat. The music from levels 3 and 7 are not included.
  • Sackastanos and Semulades sport visors similar to Browntants.
  • There is no cutscene before the boss battle on Level 9.3 against Harvax XVII, making him and An Ice Machine the only bosses to have no cutscenes before you fight them (there are, however, cutscenes after the boss fights).
  • Harvax XVII's hands are white, but his face is purple.
  • Level -0.1 has every kind of platform, every enemy, and every ladder from Levels 1-7. In fact, only three things are unique to the Negative Zone: poison capsules, the ball-shooter plants, and the duck-runged ladders.
  • The Shadowy Figure breaks the fourth wall by saying "SO, STINKOMAN THINKS HE COULD JUST FLY STRAIGHT TO LEVEL 10, DOES HE?"
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