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Stinkoman, lookin' good on a Power Crunch.
"Just bring it back in one piece."

A Power Crunch is one of Stinkoman's favorite ways to power up. It was found in Strong Bad's time capsule during the email of the same name. Although it is actually a cassette tape of Strong Bad's "#1 jam" about Grumblecakes, Stinkoman treats it like food, hence the name "Power Crunch". Eating it causes Stinkoman to suddenly bulk up and gain more prominent muscles, and sometimes makes small rocks float up off the ground. This also appears to be something Stinkoman can achieve without the use of a Power Crunch, as seen in Twenty THANXty Six and The Next April Fools Thing.

In Level 4 of Stinkoman 20X6, 1-Up takes this for support while going into the Lava Zone, eliciting the protection of Stinkoman. At the end of the level, 1-Up uses it as defense against Stinkoman, to which Stinkoman laments that his Power Crunch is always making him beat up way less many people.

In the game's tenth and final level, 1-Up throws Stinkoman the Power Crunch (which had seemingly been in 1-Up's possession since Level 4) after Stinkoman is attacked by Z Sabre. Stinkoman consumes it and takes his more muscular form, which is used in battle against Z Sabre and Mecha-Trogador. Stinkoman can jump higher in this form, but is also a bigger target. In the 10.5 escape sequence, Stinkoman returns to his normal self without explanation.

Also, in Level 7 of Stinkoman 20X6, Stinkoman mentions a "dinner crunch", a supposedly similar food item.

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